Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cocktail Nation 337 Danny Heller

This week on the show we talk to Mid Century Modern artist Danny Heller about his incredible art, we talk about a weird thing of modern society.
Plus I have news on an original Batmobile for sale along with the best parties and lounge music from across the globe.

David Carbonara-Twenty Third Floor
Carol Fredette -The Best Thing For You
Julie London-Go Slow
Bert Kaemfert- Almost There
Beegie Adair- Strangers In The Night
James Morrison -Everytime We Say Goodbye
Octobop-Playboys theme
Dave Brubeck-Cable Car 
Ding Dong Devils- Crab Nebula Cocktails
Kate Ros-Jazz
HB Radke -Live Until I die
Paul Winter -Spell Of The Samba
Mike Bardash -And then What