Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cocktail Nation 330 Kahiki Supper Club -A Polynesian Paradise In Columbus part 1

This week we have  Jeff Chenault on the show as part one of our interview about his latest book  Kahiki Supper Club -A Polynesian Paradise In Columbus, we take a look at a tiki artist who has gone rogue and has been employing gorilla tactics to get the tiki word out, there has been a car auction of famous movie star and music star cars recently plus the best lounge and exotica along with the best  parties from across the globe.

Alika Lyman Kaimana

Bobby Fox Shopping for clothes 

Arthur  Lyman Yellow Bird

Stolen Idols Sophisticated Savage

Steve Lawrence Night And Day

Barbara Levy Daniels Where Or When

Billy May Cocktails For Two

Diana Krall Stop This World

James Morrison I Fall In Love To Easy

101 Strings Orchestra A Man And A Woman

Glen Grey Fly Me To The Moon

Stan Getz Misty

Robert Hicks Don’t Worry Bout Me