Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cocktail Nation 315 The Comedy Of Joan Rivers


Another week of comedy this time and I thought we would have a look at the comedy of Joan Rivers, and this week we lost a legend of pinup photography in that of Bunny Yeager, I’ve got a weird JFK assassination theory I have come across , a cool book on Penthouses and some news out of the Tiki Joes Ocean camp

Robert Davi The Best is Yet to Come

Carol  Fredette The Best Thing For You 

Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice.

Alika Lyman Arthur's Line

Julie London Night and Day

Orchestra Superstring Silberatrasse

Emma Pask Mas Que Nada

Tiki Joes Ocean Stoic Moai

Jim Spencer The Things We Did Last Summer

The Left Arm Of Budda Arabian Calypso

Wynton Marsalis Loose Duck

Bobby Fox House Of Bamboo

Atomic Sherpas Clockwise