Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cocktail Nation-Cascading Strings

And a big show once again as we delve into the world of easy listening orchestoral pop with expert and author on the subject Jack Crosley from New York.... new release to dvd  that I am sure will interest you....some news from mr bongo Jack Costanzo and ofcourse a look at the world of swank.

Project Pimento—A Shot In The Dark

Scott Morschauvser-Somas Las Bolas

Frank Purcel-Only You

Jackie Davis-Love is just around the corner

Mantovani - Andalucia

Jack Costanzo-Can Can Overture

Don Tiki—Bam-Boozled

Arthur Lyman-Fire down below

Eartha Kitt-April in Portugal

Robert Drasnin-Warm Night Wind

Si Zenter-I've found a new baby

Diana Krall-You're My Thrill

Royal Crown Revue-Take a long drink for me

Sally Street-I'm a Woman

Mark Copeland-Without a song

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cocktail Nation 318 Johnny Carson

The king of television Johhny Carson reigned supreme for decades on the box and is part of the mid century story arc that we just love here on the cocktail nation.
His story is so very big that it's difficult to do it justice so I thought let's take a look at the beginning of his career and what made the man. We have a look at a nice book on mid century culture to check out and how would you like to own a derelict nineteen twenties movie theatre in LA? Well there is one up for grabs!

Alika Lyman Group Night Orchid

Carol Fredette I am in Love

Doc Severinson Johnny’s Theme

David Carbonara A Beautiful Mine

Project Pimento You Only LiveTwice

Martini Kings Soft Sounds

Stan Getz O Grande Amor

Esquivel That Old Black Magic

Billy May Cocktails For Two

New Morty Show -Blue Martini

Marc Copeland I Concentrate On You

Janet Seidel Linger awhile

Sally Street When In Rome

Bobby Darin The Shadow Of Your Smile

Terry Snyder Theme From Picnic

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cocktail Nation 317 Grace Of Monaco


This week the film Grace Of Monaco is going to be our spotlight with my good friend and movie reviewer  by the penthouse studio to let us know what she thought about the Sydney Premiere of this film, we have a cool blog to check out on the possible endings for Mad Men next year by good friend of the Cocktail Nation , Chris Tiki Pinto, and standby for lots of new music added to the Cocktail Nation music universe as we kick off the lounge party.

Charlie Apicella Sunday Mornin

Mary Anne Anderson Azure-Te

Arthur Lyman Anna

HB Radke -Martinis and Pearls

Perry Beekman Have You Met Miss Jones

Sinatra And Jobim Quiet Nights

The Secret Agents James Bond Theme

Nutty Five Nights

Barry Adamson The Big Bamboozle  

Tony Mottola Love In Every Room

Stolen Idols Monkey Revenge

Alika Lymon Kauai Rose

David Carbonara Elevator Gossip 

Machiniso Percusso Frenzy

Laura Ainsworth You’d Be Surprised

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cocktail Nation 316 Mid Century Style Magazine

We are talking mid mod  with a very nice online magazine that is free to enjoy.
News on Mad Men..we talk swank advice with a look at the art of small talk, another wonderful actress has left us so we will have a look at her life plus the best lounge and exotica sourced from across the globe

Alika Lyman Group Arthur's Line

Barney Mc Call Mysterius

Frank Sinatra The Curse Of A Broken Heart

Jimmy Vargas Zoeotica Blues

Grace Knight Sway 

Lalo Schifrin Barney Does It All

Percussion For Playboys  Islands Of Desire

Don Randi Trio -Sherry Blue

Ruth Cameron Something Cool

Morton Gould Besame Mucho

Buddy Collette Jazz Heat Bongo Beat

Lucas Vigor Muito E Votando

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cocktail Nation 315 The Comedy Of Joan Rivers


Another week of comedy this time and I thought we would have a look at the comedy of Joan Rivers, and this week we lost a legend of pinup photography in that of Bunny Yeager, I’ve got a weird JFK assassination theory I have come across , a cool book on Penthouses and some news out of the Tiki Joes Ocean camp

Robert Davi The Best is Yet to Come

Carol  Fredette The Best Thing For You 

Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice.

Alika Lyman Arthur's Line

Julie London Night and Day

Orchestra Superstring Silberatrasse

Emma Pask Mas Que Nada

Tiki Joes Ocean Stoic Moai

Jim Spencer The Things We Did Last Summer

The Left Arm Of Budda Arabian Calypso

Wynton Marsalis Loose Duck

Bobby Fox House Of Bamboo

Atomic Sherpas Clockwise