Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cocktail Nation 341 Best Of The Best Music for 2014

This week we look at some of the best lounge and exotica releases of 2014  and as usual there have been so many to choose from so this week. A selection of some of the stand out tracks and some interviews that we did with the artists.

Moonrays interview Scott Mensching 

Moonrays- Transylvanain Boo Galoo 

Lenny Sasaki- Bird Island

#Stolen idols interview Drew Farmer 

Stolen Idols Revenge Of The Pink Piranha

James Spencer Nightfall

Bobby Fox and Miranda Kerry - You're The Boss

#Alika Lyman Group Interview - Alika Lyman

Alika Lyman Group Swingtime in Honolulu

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet- He Was The Cat

#Left arm of Budda interview- Michael Mingus

The Left Arm Of Buddha - A Monkeys Affair

Anna Selah - Twisted

Perry Beekman - This Can't Be Love

#Clouseaux interview- Jay brooks 

Clouseaux- Search For A Vulcan

Larry Gelb- Love Walked In

Ding Dong Devils - Crab Nebula Cocktails

Cocktail Nation 340 Best Interviews 2014

Well the year is almost drawing to a close so for the final two shows of 2014 we will focus on the best from the Cocktail Nation so I thought lets replay some of my favourites from the year ..we talk to James Spencer about his book about Julie London, James M Kraus about his blog about classic cars, Kathy Rudolph about her book on Paul Lynde, Jeff Chenault about his book on the Kahiki and Kari  Handler on her new project which was revealed this year about the Tiki educational unit called Poly Hai.

Frank Sinatra -The Best Is Yet to Come
Bob Thompson -The Best Thing For you

Interview James Spencer Julie London book

Julie London -Black Coffee
Larry Gelb -Suddenly It’s Spring

Interview James M Kraus . Website AutoUniversum

Laura Ainsworth -Necessary Evil
Nutty -Purple Panther

Interview Kathy Rudolph. Paul Lynde Book

Peggy Lee -Bewitched 
Aaron Diehl -Generation Y

Interview Jeff Chenault. Kahiki. Book

Ixtahuele -Sumatra Mist

Interview Kari Handler.  Polly Hai

Ada Lee -A Night In Tunisia

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cocktail Nation 339 Beachbum Berrys New bar

There's nothing better than dreams come true and this week we talk to beach bum berry who has opened his first bar in New Orleans ....also on the show talking about publicity and how it's not always going to be good for you plus some of the best lounge and exotica from across the globe

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet -He Was The Cat

Monica Zetterlund -Some Other Time

#Beachbum Berry Interview

Waitiki 7 Simiiau

Stan Getz - Penthouse Serenade

Alika Lyman Group- Lei Kukui

# Vintage Sydney

Beegie Adair -In The We Small Hours Of The Morning

James Spencer- It’s So Good to Want You Bad

Burt Kaemfert-Lonely Nightingale

# publicity hounds in the retro scene

The Vice Royals -The Girl In The Martini Glass

Chet Baker -Daybreak

Cocktail Inn -Wave

Tiki Lounge Crew- Chic To Chic

George Shearing- Mambo Inn

#next weeks tease

James Morrison- Le Bellclaire Blues

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cocktail Nation 338 Eurospy Charade

This week on the show it’s our monthly Euro Spy special..this week looking at the film Charade with my neighbour Kramer, some news on an old but new Bond villain coming our way, some swank advice on how to maintain a bachelor pad

Jason Paul Curtis- Brooklyn July
Acca Daquiries -White Wedding 
Euro Spy segment Charade
Mancini- Charade
Nutty- Cinnamon Doll
Oscar Peterson-Easy Does It
Tiki Joe’s Ocean- Mai Tai Mambo
Barry Adamson-The Big Bamboozle
Howard Shore-Ed Wood Theme
The Desmond Quartet -Take Five
Don Ralke- Black Panther
Janet Seidel -I Love Paris
Martini Kings- Killer Joe
Mambo Zombies-Capulito De Aleli
Cocktail Inn-Summer Samba

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cocktail Nation 337 Danny Heller

This week on the show we talk to Mid Century Modern artist Danny Heller about his incredible art, we talk about a weird thing of modern society.
Plus I have news on an original Batmobile for sale along with the best parties and lounge music from across the globe.

David Carbonara-Twenty Third Floor
Carol Fredette -The Best Thing For You
Julie London-Go Slow
Bert Kaemfert- Almost There
Beegie Adair- Strangers In The Night
James Morrison -Everytime We Say Goodbye
Octobop-Playboys theme
Dave Brubeck-Cable Car 
Ding Dong Devils- Crab Nebula Cocktails
Kate Ros-Jazz
HB Radke -Live Until I die
Paul Winter -Spell Of The Samba
Mike Bardash -And then What

Cocktail Nation 336 Acker Bilk

Cocktail Nation 336 Acker Bilk

This week on the show we talk about the great clarinettist Acker Bilk who passed away, I have an old interview from the BBC to share with you on this. I've got some must see tv for you, I’ve got a great new book on Paul Newman plus the best lounge music from across the globe 

George Shearing- September In The Rain
Anna Selah- Twisted
Acker Bilk- I left My Heart in San Francisco
Bill Evans-Time Remembered
Alika Lyman Group- Pua Lilia
James Spencer- Pierette
Robert Hicks- Moonlight In Vermont
O Som Do Jazz - Secret Paradise
Milt Buckner- Turqoise 
Martini Kings- Zou Biscou Biscou
Lucas Vigor-Night- Light Blues
Perry Beekman- Spring Is Here
Larry Gelb- Precipitation
Cy Coleman - LA Blues

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cocktail Nation 335 Reel Wild Cinema

You might remember the old fanzines that you would find in record stores in the pre digital music days. Underground publications with practically every subject covered and almost any opinion represented. This week we speak to a man who had one of the most popular fanzines in the nineties and he has put them together into a marvellous book about b grade cinema and tv. Also on the show we talk about the death of Acker Bilk plus we reveal the secrets of Area 51 

Stolen Idols - Revenge Of The Pink Piranaha
Robert Drasnin Voodoo
Rene Raff -Mad About The Boy
Larry Gelb - While My Lady Sleeps
Jackie Gleason-From Russia With Love
Frank Sinatra-It was a very good year
Clouseaux Shot In The Dark
Spy Fi-So What’s Up 
Tiki Joe’s Ocean -Soul Of The Sea
Oscar Peterson The Strut
Bill Evans Time Remembered
Audrey Morris- Guess Who  I Saw Today
Nathan Haines -Cocktails

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cocktail Nation 334 Classic Comedy George Carlin 1965

Back with some classic comedy this week and a more sedate George carlin out of 1965 from the Merv Griffin on a book by Sophia Loren, some new pictures have been released in colour for the first time plus we talk about a new Pan Am project by a friend of the Cocktail Nation.

Metropole Orchestra -Magic Is The Moonlight

Alika Lyman Group- Kauai Rose

Frank Sinatra Carlos - Jobim Fly Me To The Moon

Vincent Guaraldi -Corcovado

Three Suns -Fever

Narco Lounge -Combo Seduction

John Coltrane -Blue Train

Bobby Fox -Let There be Love 

Robert Davi -The Best Is Yet To Come

Hinda Hoffman- I Just Found Out About Love

Jimmy Vargas Stacato

Morton Gould -Speak Low

Molly Ringwald -Exactly Like You

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cocktail Nation 333 -James Morrison

Well I am pleased to have a legend of the Australian Jazz scene join me on this show this week. We talk to James Morrison about his new best of album and it is spectacular.
We talk Dean Martin with some fun facts about the man and I have a movie to bring you that I think you will like. 

Moonrays - Tarantuala

SG Sound - Man From Uncle

Jame Morrison-  Nice And Easy 

Stan Getz - The Look Of Love

Audrey Morris The End Of A Love Affair

Dean Martin- Just In Time

Barney Kessel -Something For Cat

Gold Dust Lounge- The Wednesday Night Song

Cocktail Inn - Brief And Breezy

Jane Seidel - Love For Sale

Julie London- Fly Me To The Moon

James Spencer- Nightfall

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cocktail Nation 332 I Spy Euro Spy (Bond)

We kick off our monthly Euro Spy  Special this week with Kramer and we start from the most logical place that is Bond. I've got a great album for the holidays to grab, a cool new website to dig along with some cool parties from across the globe to grace your presence at !

Alex and Nilusha -Morning
Anna Saleh -Twisted 
John Barry -James Bond Theme
John Barry -On Her Majestys Secret Service
Al Caiola -Underwater chase
Dizzy Gilespie -Cocktails For Two
GoldDust Lounge -Lost Sunset
Don Tiki -Other Side Of The Moon
Vince Guaraldi -Mr Lucky
Larry Gelb -Perspiration 
Janice Borla Group -Midnight Voyage
Lenny Dee -China Boy

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cocktail Nation 331 Kahiki Supper Club -A Polynesian Paradise In Columbus part 2

This week we have  part two of our interview with Jeff Chenault on the show as part one of our interview about his latest book  Kahiki Supper Club -A Polynesian Paradise In Columbus, I have some essential tips for your bachelor pad and we look at the life of the woman they called the flying housewife.

Anna Saleh Caravan

Bill Evans Time Remembered

Martin Denny Jungle Flower

Tikiyaki Orchestra Exotique

Stolen Idols Sumatra Mist

HB Radke Martinis and Pearls

Marita Brake Shaken Not Stirred

Mancini Windmills Of Your Mind

Frank Sinatra That’s Life

James Morrison The Shadow Of Your Smile

Si Zentner From Russia With Love

Perry Beekman This Can’t Be Love

Cynthia Felton I Wish You Love

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cocktail Nation 330 Kahiki Supper Club -A Polynesian Paradise In Columbus part 1

This week we have  Jeff Chenault on the show as part one of our interview about his latest book  Kahiki Supper Club -A Polynesian Paradise In Columbus, we take a look at a tiki artist who has gone rogue and has been employing gorilla tactics to get the tiki word out, there has been a car auction of famous movie star and music star cars recently plus the best lounge and exotica along with the best  parties from across the globe.

Alika Lyman Kaimana

Bobby Fox Shopping for clothes 

Arthur  Lyman Yellow Bird

Stolen Idols Sophisticated Savage

Steve Lawrence Night And Day

Barbara Levy Daniels Where Or When

Billy May Cocktails For Two

Diana Krall Stop This World

James Morrison I Fall In Love To Easy

101 Strings Orchestra A Man And A Woman

Glen Grey Fly Me To The Moon

Stan Getz Misty

Robert Hicks Don’t Worry Bout Me

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cocktail Nation 329 Something Wicked

This week we have Scott Mensching from the Moonrays to talk about the new album Something Wicked, I'll let you know how you can enjoy a Pan Am flight with out going anywhere and without going back in time. News of a theft in the lounge and tiki world plus all the best lounge and exotica gigs from across the globe.

Warren Wolf Frankie And Johnny 

Bob Thompson Just You Just Me

Moonrays Transylvanain Boo Galoo

Don Tiki Forbidden Finger

Jackie Gleason I’m In The Mood For Love

Skip Heller Lonely

Tony Bennett Lover

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Let’s Dance

Grace Knight You’d Be So NiceTo Come Home to

Arthur Lyman Yellow bird

Barry Morgan Big Bossa

Sally Street You don’t know Me

New Morty Show Blue Martini

Cocktail Nation 328 Panda And Me

We are talking pop art this week on the show with an interesting mix of mid century, pop art which meets spy with a great series called Panda and me, I've got news on a very cool reproduction sports car for the lounge lotharios who want to mix new with old, some great articles for you to enjoy and ofcourse the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.

Steve Greaves Man From Uncle

Tiki Lounge Crew Bongo Nova

Mancini Mr Lucky

James Morison Girl Talk

Dexter Gordon Ghost Of A Chance

Barbara Lusch So Nice

Aaron Diehl Blue Nude

Si Zentner The Fugitive Theme

Cal Tjader Cool

Clouseaux Search For A Vulcan

Dinah Washington Since I Fell For You

Diana Krall Cry Me A River

Cocktail Nation 327 Poly Hai


This week talking about a little thing called Poly Hai....more on this interesting educational institution, we will look at the funeral of Joan Rivers and a Wisconsin car wrecking yard is about to close and you will be amazed what is hidden behind the wire fence.

Bobby Fox Miranda Kerr You’re The Boss

Clouseaux Powerhouse

Arthur Lyman Love For Sale

James Spencer The Things We Did Last Summer

Si Zentner Burke’s Law

Ixtahuele Stone Gods Of Bimini

Don Ralke Voodoo Princess

Halford Jetset Tema De Anna

Vic Damone Separate Tables

Perry Beekman I Wish I Was In Love Again

James Morrison Nice And Easy

Robert Hicks Early Autumn

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cocktail Nation 326 Vince Guaraldi

This week talking about the great jazz artist Vince Guraldi who many might remember from the Peanut cartoon, well he was a whole lot more than that so we will talk to an author who has written a book all about his life, we have some news from across the globe and the best parties to attend with lots of things to include in the diary.

Adam Smale Blues To Yous

Robert Hicks  Pete Rugolo That Was The End Of Me

Vince Guaraldi Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Narco Lounge Combo Taboo

Nathan Haines Cocktails

Carol Fredette You Better Go Now

Nat King Cole Lush Life

Martin Denny Jungle Flower

Robert Drasnin Tahitian Dreams

Tony  Mottola San Jose

Doris Day Desifinado

Tiki Lounge Crew Bikini Bambini

New Gary Burton Quartet Did You Get It

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cocktail Nation 325 Stolen Idols

Drew Farmer from the Stolen Idols joins me on the show this week, got some stories on sixties decorating and some of the things we have forgotten from the past that are probably worth re igniting,  I'll share a blog I wrote recently about modern life and how to live better.

Charlie Haden Angel Face

Janice Borla Group Midnight Voyage

Stolen Idols Revenge of the Pink Piranha

Illinois Jacket Lean Baby

Bobby Darin Feelin Good

James Spencer Lady Of The Evening

Kenny Sasaki Erotica Exotica

Linda Lawson Mood Indigo

Ixtahuele Dengue Fever

Lalo Schifrin Mission Impossible

John Barry On Her Majestys Service

AL Caiola Experiment in Terror

Cocktail Nation 324 RIP Lauren Bacall

Sad news last week of the passing of Lauren Bacall so on this edition of the Cocktail Nation we will take a look at her life and times, news on what they call the Steve McQueen Effect, news on a classic Cadillac dealership in trouble in LA and I will take a look at what is happening on the neo lounge music scene from across the globe

Martini Madness Coquette

Russ Garcia Sophisticated Lady

Liz Geyson Group Yes I Know I've Had It

Robert Davi Here Is That Rainy Day

Julie London Voice In The Mirror

Jackie Gleason I'm In The Mood For Love
Alika Lyman Group Bobo

Robert Goulet Too Darn Hot

Wynton Marsalis Observation Cart

Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Would you like bongoes with that Fugue

Michelle Nicolle Days Of Wine And Rose

Kenny Sasaki  Quiet Volcano

Laurindo Almeida The Look Of Love 

Jimmy Vargas Zoetica Blues

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cocktail Nation 323 Kenny Sasaki

We are in Tokyo Japan to talk to Kenny Sasaki from the tiki boys  about his latest release called Bird Island, I've got a great little story about Mels diner for you 
And  it turns out other radio shows have been talking about me so we will play some audio from that and find out what people have been saying about me, news as well about a bio pic about a legend of the sixties Russ Meyer and you will be surprised who wants the role and ofcouse the death of Lauren Bacall.

Metropole Orchestra My Blue Heaven

Daniel Pemberton Finding The Fury

Kenny Sasaki Bird Island

Alika Lyman Night Orchid

James Spencer Night Tide

Jackie Gleason Marilyn

Barbara Ween I Don’t Know

Bobby Fox Shout To The Top

Martini Kings You only Live Twice

Chet Baker You Don’t Know What Love Is

Mancini Love Story

Kate Ross Jazz

Lavern Baker and Jimmy Ricks You’re The Boss 

Joe Loco Manhatten

Gerry Mulligan Night Lights

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cocktail Nation 322 Nightfall

This week my favourite pianist joins me on the show, James Spencer and his album Nightfall, some News on the spreading of the lounge sound , we will talk about the authentic retro lifestyle when it goes all wrong plus an auction of some Sammy Davis jr property which had some amazing secrets

Clouseaux Kumar 

Janet Seidel A Man And A Woman

James Spencer Nightfall

Tony Bennett Manhatten

Stolen Idols Busy Port

Left Arm Of Budda A Monkeys Affair

Martin Denny Stone God

Laura Ainsworth Necessary Evil

Larry Gelb Love Walked In

Duke Ellington Absinthe

George Shearing I Remember April

Narco Lounge Beautiful Losers

Vince Guaraldi  Mr Lucky

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cocktail Nation 321 The Fire Department

This week we check out some classic comedy with Jack De Leon, some mid century modern news for you and some fresh photos from Marilyn Monroe have been uncovered.

Bobby Fox Shopping  For Clothes

Metropole Orchestra Magic Is The Moonlight

Sinatra and Jobim Change Partners

Percussion For Playboys Return To Paradise

Robert Davi Summer Wind

O Som Do Jazz Madru

Nelson Riddle Manchester Cathedral

Kate Ross Meet Me

Narco Lounge Combo White Rum

Les Baxter Lunar Rhapsody

Jackie Gleason Rose Anne

Herbie Mann A Man And A Woman

Henri Mancini Cha Cha For Gia

Martini Kings Desifinado

James Spencer Midnight Melancholy

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cocktail Nation 320 Clouseaux


This week we find out about a new release from Clouseaux, the passing of a film great. The death of the worlds oldest working jazz musician, a wonderful documentary on Pan Am and ofcourse the best Lounge and Exotica from across the globe!

Adam Smale Blues To Yous

Narco Lounge Combo The Palms

Clouseux Search For A Vulcan

Martin Denny Tune From Rangoon

Janice Borla Lennies Pennies

James Spencer The Start Of Our Affair

Julie London Fly Me To The Moon

Barney Kessel Something For Cat

Barbara Lusch Light My Fire

Hans Karl Blue Scooter

Bobby Darin Charade

Neal Hefti Scene Of The Crime

Chris Connor I get a Kick Out  Of You

Stolen Idols Invitation

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cocktail Nation 319 Mod Springs

Cocktail Nation 319  Mod Palm Springs

This week we talk to Rory Snyder about Mod Palm Springs which is coming up in October,  also I have some inconvenient truths about Classic Cars for you there's Batman news for you,

I have a cool house with a great history to pick up if you have a spare 9 mil sitting around , I'll announce the winner of our cd competition plus the latest and greatest lounge and exotica from across the globe!

Clouseux-Shot In the Dark

Cocktail Inn Stella By Starlight

Elmer Bernstein The Jazz At Waldos

Ferente and Teicher Che Si Dice

Carol Fredette Dancing In The Dark

Robert Conrad You’re Getting to Be A Habit With Me

Jimmy Vargas Zoetica Blues

Jim Spencer Nightfall

Henry Mancini Pink Panther Theme

Janice Borla Midnight Voyage

Buddy Greco- My Last Night In Rome

Jackie Gleason- Days Of Wine And Roses

Waitiki 7 -Similau 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cocktail Nation -The Apartment

Cocktail Nation - The Apartment

Koop is on Vacation so let's delve into the archives and head back a couple of years and head back to the movies with Kramer to talk about loungin bachelor pad movies and this week we explore the 1960 film The Apartment, got some Bond news for you plus an interesting email from a listener along with the best classic and new lounge and exotica from across the globe.

Frank Bennett Your just too hip baby

Halford Jetset Taboo

Knightsbridge Theme from the Apartment

Melody Gardot Mira

John Barry 7 James Bond Theme

Blossum Dearie Manhatten

Martini Kings Fly Me To The Moon

Shagxotica The Ghost of Augie Colon

Neal Hefti Cool Blue

Grace Knight It Ain't Necessarily So

Walter Wanderly The Lonely One

Pink Martini Mayonaka No Bossa Nova

Morton Gould Speak Low

Don Ralke Blue Moon

Wynton Marsalis Loose Duck

Laurie Allyn Take Me In Your Arms

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cocktail Nation The French Connection

This week Koop Kooper is on vacation so we bring you a French inspired show we talk to LA crooner Mark Copeland, a couple of great websites for those into classic films, a useful website for our gal drivers from the world of swank and a whole lot more!

Lushy -French 75
Pink Matini -Sympathique
Mark Copeland -I love Paris
Eartha Kitt-Under The Bridges Of Paris
Frank Sinatra-fly Me To the Moon
Jack Cooper Terry Cooper-Cest Si Bon
Sammy Davis Jr-It's alright with me
Sally Street-Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
Jack Costanzo—Street Scene
Dicky Doo and the Don'ts-Vive L Amour
Luiz Bonfa-Bossa Nova Cha Cha
Martin Denny-Bingo Oiwake
Sarah Vaughan - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cocktail Nation-Cascading Strings

And a big show once again as we delve into the world of easy listening orchestoral pop with expert and author on the subject Jack Crosley from New York.... new release to dvd  that I am sure will interest you....some news from mr bongo Jack Costanzo and ofcourse a look at the world of swank.

Project Pimento—A Shot In The Dark

Scott Morschauvser-Somas Las Bolas

Frank Purcel-Only You

Jackie Davis-Love is just around the corner

Mantovani - Andalucia

Jack Costanzo-Can Can Overture

Don Tiki—Bam-Boozled

Arthur Lyman-Fire down below

Eartha Kitt-April in Portugal

Robert Drasnin-Warm Night Wind

Si Zenter-I've found a new baby

Diana Krall-You're My Thrill

Royal Crown Revue-Take a long drink for me

Sally Street-I'm a Woman

Mark Copeland-Without a song

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cocktail Nation 318 Johnny Carson

The king of television Johhny Carson reigned supreme for decades on the box and is part of the mid century story arc that we just love here on the cocktail nation.
His story is so very big that it's difficult to do it justice so I thought let's take a look at the beginning of his career and what made the man. We have a look at a nice book on mid century culture to check out and how would you like to own a derelict nineteen twenties movie theatre in LA? Well there is one up for grabs!

Alika Lyman Group Night Orchid

Carol Fredette I am in Love

Doc Severinson Johnny’s Theme

David Carbonara A Beautiful Mine

Project Pimento You Only LiveTwice

Martini Kings Soft Sounds

Stan Getz O Grande Amor

Esquivel That Old Black Magic

Billy May Cocktails For Two

New Morty Show -Blue Martini

Marc Copeland I Concentrate On You

Janet Seidel Linger awhile

Sally Street When In Rome

Bobby Darin The Shadow Of Your Smile

Terry Snyder Theme From Picnic

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cocktail Nation 317 Grace Of Monaco


This week the film Grace Of Monaco is going to be our spotlight with my good friend and movie reviewer  by the penthouse studio to let us know what she thought about the Sydney Premiere of this film, we have a cool blog to check out on the possible endings for Mad Men next year by good friend of the Cocktail Nation , Chris Tiki Pinto, and standby for lots of new music added to the Cocktail Nation music universe as we kick off the lounge party.

Charlie Apicella Sunday Mornin

Mary Anne Anderson Azure-Te

Arthur Lyman Anna

HB Radke -Martinis and Pearls

Perry Beekman Have You Met Miss Jones

Sinatra And Jobim Quiet Nights

The Secret Agents James Bond Theme

Nutty Five Nights

Barry Adamson The Big Bamboozle  

Tony Mottola Love In Every Room

Stolen Idols Monkey Revenge

Alika Lymon Kauai Rose

David Carbonara Elevator Gossip 

Machiniso Percusso Frenzy

Laura Ainsworth You’d Be Surprised

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cocktail Nation 316 Mid Century Style Magazine

We are talking mid mod  with a very nice online magazine that is free to enjoy.
News on Mad Men..we talk swank advice with a look at the art of small talk, another wonderful actress has left us so we will have a look at her life plus the best lounge and exotica sourced from across the globe

Alika Lyman Group Arthur's Line

Barney Mc Call Mysterius

Frank Sinatra The Curse Of A Broken Heart

Jimmy Vargas Zoeotica Blues

Grace Knight Sway 

Lalo Schifrin Barney Does It All

Percussion For Playboys  Islands Of Desire

Don Randi Trio -Sherry Blue

Ruth Cameron Something Cool

Morton Gould Besame Mucho

Buddy Collette Jazz Heat Bongo Beat

Lucas Vigor Muito E Votando

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cocktail Nation 315 The Comedy Of Joan Rivers


Another week of comedy this time and I thought we would have a look at the comedy of Joan Rivers, and this week we lost a legend of pinup photography in that of Bunny Yeager, I’ve got a weird JFK assassination theory I have come across , a cool book on Penthouses and some news out of the Tiki Joes Ocean camp

Robert Davi The Best is Yet to Come

Carol  Fredette The Best Thing For You 

Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice.

Alika Lyman Arthur's Line

Julie London Night and Day

Orchestra Superstring Silberatrasse

Emma Pask Mas Que Nada

Tiki Joes Ocean Stoic Moai

Jim Spencer The Things We Did Last Summer

The Left Arm Of Budda Arabian Calypso

Wynton Marsalis Loose Duck

Bobby Fox House Of Bamboo

Atomic Sherpas Clockwise

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cocktail Nation 314 Leis Of Jazz


another new release this week, one from Alika Lyman the great nephew of Arthur Lyman, we will bring you a conversation with the man himself and play a track from the album for the first time, we tell you what's reading in the penthouse, and an interesting story out of Kentucky, a great book about Howard Hughes and your opportunity to take a flight on one of the first commercial planes. Naturally we have the best gig guide from across the globe and the best lounge and exotica!

The Left Arm Of Budda A Monkeys Affair

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Black Orchid

Alika Lyman Group Bewitched

Robert Davi I’ve Got The World On A String

Al Hirt and Ann Margret The Best Man
Narco Lounge Combo White Rum

Barney Kessel Something For Cat

Henry Mancini Something For Sellers

Dave Bruebeck Summer On The Sound
Cocktail Inn More More Amor

Janet Seidel Tres Palabras

Tony Mottola Watch What Happens

JR Spencer Tenderly

Jack Jones A Day On The Life Of A Fool

Tiki Joes Ocean Sandbar

Cocktail Nation 313 Loungin Movie Themes.

There are so many great films with great music so this week are playing some Loungin movie themes for you ...all with a connection to a cool movie plus we talk to our movie guy Kramer about some of the great soundtracks
I've got a very cool book about the radio scene in Los Angeles in the fifties, we have lots of parties to attend in our world of swank gig guide plus a nice online magazine about MCM to dig

Alfie Cilla Black 

Theme From Apartment Knightsbridge

Dean Martin Aint That a Kick In The Head  

Count Basie From Russia With Love

Billy May Mission Impossible
Danke Shoen Wayne Newton 

The Silencers Vicki Carr  

Sammy Davis Jr Eee -O Eleven

Richard Cheese SpiderMan

Jackie Gleason Laurence Of Arabia

Frank Sinatra The Lady Is A Tramp 

April In Paris Bennett/Basie   

Henry Mancini  Pink Panther Theme

Buddy Cole That old Black Magic   

Molly Ringwald Don’t you Forget about me

Ludovic Bource Vixen To Vixen

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cocktail Nation 312 Icon, The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe

There has been a lot written about Marilyn Monroe, so many books that it boggles my mind when someone brings out another. This week I have an interesting man who takes a completely different look at the Monroe persona.
Coming up more on the Princess Grace bio pic and the controversy around it.
We checkout a book on Johnny Carson and reveal our winner of my competition to win a copy of my book plus we remember another Hollywood legend who has left us in the last week.

Stolen Idols Kyoto Protcol

Kenny Sasaki and the Tiki Boys The Undercover Man

Marilyn Monroe You’d Be Surprised
Marc Copeland She’s Funny That Way

Pink Martini And Then Your Gone

Stan Getz Round Midnight

Lalo Schifrin Insensatez

Robert Davi Nice And Easy

Skip Heller El Tiradite

Joey Altruda Doo Boo Dee Boo

Ann Richards The Masquerade Is Over

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Frenesi

Cocktail Inn Manila

Cocktail Nation 311 Classic Comedy The Finance Company

It's back to the night clubs of old as we check out some classic comedy, another from Shelley Berman about the finance company. My second book has finally been released so some news on that and your chance to win a copy. We find out about the Corvettes in the sink hole and a very cool book on Grace Kelly

Kenny Sasaki and the Tiki Boys Bird Island

Ixtahuele Black Sand

Frank Sinatra Bewitched

Vince Guaraldi What Kind Of Fool Am I

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Goldfinger

Metropole Orchestra Spellbound

Cocktail Inn Dragnet

Tony Mottola Kites Are Fun

Acca Daiquiries Cocaine

Frank Bennett Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Nutty Five Nights

Si Zentner  Fugitive Theme

Hans Karl The Golden Frame

Jerry Costanzo Penthouse Serenade

Enoch Light Come Rain Or Shine

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cocktail Nation 310 Mannix

Cocktail Nation 310 Mannix

Talking about the TV show Mannix on this edition of the Cocktail Nation with the author of a new book on the subject, I’ve got a cool way to give your kitchen that retro feel in your pad, we find out what has been happening with 57 Plymouth that was buried in the ground in Tulsa and exhumed in 2007….news on what the 64 Worlds Fair got right in their predictions plus I have loads of swank events from across the globe to check out.

Exotik A Go-Go Big Bossa Man

Tiki Lounge Crew-Bikini Bambi

Lalo Schifrin Mannix

Lavay Smith Miss Brown To You

Bobby Darin Feelin Good

Tony Mottola Goin Out Of My Head

Project Pimento You  Only  Live Twice

Stacy Kent The Face I Love

Jack Marshall Clouds

JR Spencer Easy Living

Pink Martini Sunday Table

New Gary Burton Quartet -Did you get It

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Koop Kooper's Second Book Released!

Great News Friends, My second book of interviews has just been released by Bear Manor Media.

You can grab this book by heading to


It’s a star filled list of crazy cats from the Lounge and Tiki Scene filling this gorgeous book and I must say I am very proud to have had such great talent on the show. It was this reason I put together a second book. Sometimes the talent just rolls in and you really need to document it for historical sake! So there you have it, a brand new Cocktail Nation Book! Check out the stars below and order today!

1. Irwin Chusid on Esquivel

2 Nick Camera Tiki Magazine

3 El Gato Gomez

4 Alison Martino

5 Dj Bonebrake

6 Jay Brooks Clouseaux

7 Jack Crosley

8 Nutty

9 Jimmy Borges

10 Morris Diamond

11 Laurie Allen

12 Tom Tremelo Spy Fi.

13 Nick Lamansky on Yma Sumac

14 Spencer Thompson on Bob Thompson

15 Mr Ho's Orchestrotica

16 Cocktail angst

17 Lee hale

18 John penman

19 Vic Flick