Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cocktail Nation 295 Best Of The Best 2013

What a year it had been here at the Cocktail Nation with the show being added to more and more stations across the globe....look out Ryan Seacrest, I'm coming to get you. The podcast was enhanced, we got a new website and I bought a 1964 Austin Healey! But ofcourse the show needs great guests and great music and we have had plenty of that. Each year I like to highlight the best of the best of the year and that's sometimes difficult in a one hour show so for you some of the most stand out releases of the last twelve months.

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Chiseling Music
O Som Do Jazz Sambou Sambou
Metropole Orchestra My Blue Heaven
Ixtahuele Stone Gods Of Bimini
Codename Carter Stealth Palmer
Aaron Diehl The Cylinder
Molly Ringwald Don’t You Forget About Me
Narco Lounge Combo Caravan
Laura Ainsworth Necessary Evil
Tiki Delights Twist Of Lyman