Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cocktail Nation 295 Best Of The Best 2013

What a year it had been here at the Cocktail Nation with the show being added to more and more stations across the globe....look out Ryan Seacrest, I'm coming to get you. The podcast was enhanced, we got a new website and I bought a 1964 Austin Healey! But ofcourse the show needs great guests and great music and we have had plenty of that. Each year I like to highlight the best of the best of the year and that's sometimes difficult in a one hour show so for you some of the most stand out releases of the last twelve months.

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Chiseling Music
O Som Do Jazz Sambou Sambou
Metropole Orchestra My Blue Heaven
Ixtahuele Stone Gods Of Bimini
Codename Carter Stealth Palmer
Aaron Diehl The Cylinder
Molly Ringwald Don’t You Forget About Me
Narco Lounge Combo Caravan
Laura Ainsworth Necessary Evil
Tiki Delights Twist Of Lyman

Cocktail Nation 294 Potions of The Caribbean with Jeff Beachbum Berry

Jeff Beachbum Berry has got a brand new book out that will blow your mind about the history of tiki drinks. For those in Los Angeles I have a very cool hang out for you plus a very groovy newsletter to sign up for which I can guarantee you won't regret when it drops into your inbox each week.

Tony Bennett With Plenty Of Money And You
Aaron Diehl Moonlight In Vermont
Si Zentner From Russia With Love
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Ritual Mallet Dance
Percussion For Playboys Angel  Eyes
Metropole Orchestra Third Man Theme
Martin Denny Rain
Pink Martini and Saori Yuki Mayonka No Bossa Nova
Dave Bruebeck Broadway Bossa Nova
Frank Sinatra I Wish I Were In Love Again
Sally Street When In Rome
Peggy Lee From Now On
Clouseaux Paraiso

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cocktail Nation 293 American International Pictures

this week on the show we take a look at one of the smallest players in the movie making machine of Hollywood of the fifties that just happened to be one that packed a really big punch…news on the demise of the Hukilau event in Florida plus the best lounge and exotica from across the globe along with the best parties to end the year with.

Clouseaux Search For a Vulcan
Tiki Lounge Crew Suburbia 62
Reg Owen Everyday
Percy Faith Theme From A Summer Place
Octobop Jazz Goes To Siwash
Tiki Joe’s  Ocean Night  Of The Jungle
Martin Denny Exotica
Janet Seidel Miami Beach Mambo
Barney Mcall Mysteriss
Sir Julien You Only Live Twice
O Som Do Jazz Nanna
Nina Simone Wils Is The Wind