Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cocktail Nation 286 Where Here Meets There

Fresh from flying around in my recent purchase of a 1964 Austin Healey it's Koop Kooper lounging about the Sydney penthouse with chilled drinks, taking in the city lights with the lounge soundtrack draping the penthouse in a technicolor glow.
This week Mr Ho of Mr Ho's Orchestrotica  stops by to talk about a new release called Where Here Meets I've got a Sinatra story as told by Tom Selleck

Nutty Same Old Scat And Song

Metropole Orchestra Jalousie

Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Sansaz

Dean Martin Baby O

Robert Drasnin Tahitian 

Frank Sinatra Call Me

Martin Denny Beyond The Reef

Joey Altruda Remembering Jobim

Pink Martini Syracuse

Oscar Peterson Exactly Like You

O Som Do Jazz Secret Paradise

Laura Ainsworth That's The Kind Of Guy I Dream Of