Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Old Cars Are Better Than New Cars

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: new cars are way better than old cars. They start first go, they’re faster and safer, they all have air conditioning, they don’t rust and they almost never break down.

But old cars do have a few advantages over the 21st century whipper-snappers. Here are the Top4 reasons why classic is better than plastic.

You won’t be up for a thousand dollars if you reverse into a cushion
Once upon a time, kiddies, cars had things called bumper bars. The idea of these bumper bars was that if you bumped into something at low speed – a pole, say, or another car – nothing would be damaged. But thanks to a few pedestrians who crossed the road with their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears, these bumper bars were phased out in favour of idiot-friendly plastic panels that crack in a light breeze and cost a bomb to replace.

Airbags and sat navs don’t add lightness
Engine efficiency is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was 30 or 40 years ago. Car makers have managed to squeeze more and more power from less and less fuel. And yet fuel economy is not much better today than it was in the olden days. Why? Because new cars are so laden with technology. Take the Ford Falcon: in 1973, the XB model weighed 1394kg. The present FG model tips the scales at 1704kg!

You don’t need a Masters of Computer Science to fix your old car
In an old car, there were only a few things that could go wrong – and if something did go wrong, there was a good chance you could fix it with a few simple tools. Nowadays, computers run just about everything, which means you have to be Data from Star Trek just to change a spark plug.

Depreciation hurts
Buy the right old car for the right price, hang onto it for a few years and you could actually sell it for a profit. Buy a new car, however, and the moment you drive it out of the caryard you’ll take a $5000 hit to your hip pocket.