Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cocktail Nation 270 Which One Is David Part Two

This week on the show we have part two of an interview with an English radio announcer who packed up and moved to Hollywood and became a successful actor. And this week we lost a a Hollywood legend in that of Esther Williams Cocktail Nation gets a mention in the LA Times and another interview with me is on our website for you to check out. 

Ixtahuele Black Sand
Laura Ainsworth Just Give Me A Man
Billy May Orchestra Mannix
Clouseaux Noctopia
Al Caiola Man From Uncle
B # Big Band Cest Magnifique
Arthur Lyman Midnight Sun
Nutty Pleasant Valley Monkday
Rosemary Clooney Hey Mambo
Si Zenter The Fugitive Theme
Skip Heller Watch Us Burn
Tiki Joes Ocean Quiet Voyage
Herbie Mann A Man and A Woman
Abe Lagrimas Like Two In Love