Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cocktail Nation Rewind Sam Butera

Koop is enjoying the Cannes Film Festival this week so for your pleasure a Cocktail Nation Rewind as we take a look at the life of Sam Butera with a special interview that was recorded back stage with Sam in 1999. 

Cy Coleman-Playboys Theme
Dom Halpin-Out Of The Blue
Sam Butera and the Witnesses-Dig That Crazy Chick
Jackie Gleason-Temptation
Martini Kings-Because of You
Arthur Lyman-Carabunta
Sylvia Telles-Discussao
Cocktail Angst- Rhumba Of The Saints
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Makaha
Fisherman—Hell Toupee
Kava Kon-Chinese Surfer
The SG Sound-I Feel the Earth Move
Octobop-Have you Hugged your Martian Today
Richard Cheese - Spiderman
Jack Constanzo—Young Man With a Horn
Pete King-The Height Of The Spy Season
Jimmy Paycho tubular bells 
Barbara Lusch Light my fire