Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cocktail Nation 257 Bible Storyland

My favourite time is late night, when the noise of the city settles down to a a dull roar, the phone doesn't ring and the night goes on forever.

the tinkling of piano jazz on the hi fi fills the background void and thinking becomes more clear, work gets done, thoughts are formed and ideas generated

This week on the snow we talk to a man by the name of Harvey Jordan who has an incredible story about a theme park that never got built.

Some amazing mad men news about a pending lawsuit from a sixties model who's image was used on the show plus the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.

Janet Seidel A Man And A Woman
Arthur Lyman Autumn Leaves
Tikiyaki Orchestra Stranded In Paradise
Nicole Witt Cool And Indifferent
Xavier Cugat Brazil
Seth Mc Farlane Music Is Much Better Than Words
Sergio Mendez Mas Que Nada
Jackie Gleason From Russia WIth Love
Barbara Lusch So Nice
Jack Costanzo Latin Fever
Antonio Carlos Jobim Captain Bacardi
Kenny Sasaki Beach Bunny