Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cocktail Nation 256 The Guide For The Married Man.

Sometimes the modern world can be too much, often it's not just the painful pop culture that can grind you to a pulp with its incessant screeching like finger nails down a chalkboard. Often you can want to get away from it all, to get into that time machine of your mind....the best way, movies, music and books.
Tonight we head back to 1967 to talk loungin bachelor pad movies with Kramer. I've got an amazing doco to tell you about plus the best classic and new lounge from across the globe.

Nutty Rhumba With The Devil

Octobop Jeru
Turtles The Guide for the Married Man

Martini Kings Swingin Shepard Blues

Mancini Love Story

Jimmy Vargas Torchin The El Rocco

New Gary Burton Quartet Did you get it

Esquivel Surfboard

Julie London What Is This Thing Called Love

Narco Lounge Combo Caravan

Jackie Gleason Serenade in Blue

Frank Sinatra Mr Success

Spy Fi Bryces Theme

Necrotonez Fare Thee Well

Billy May I Gotta Have You