Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cocktail Nation 260 The Party

When it comes to holding a party in your swank pad you want it to go off with out a hitch, this week Kramer stops by to talk about a movie where it all goes wrong..The Party staring Peter Sellers. This is one of those films that you will laugh so much you will cry and forevermore will have quotes and scenes etched in your memory. My favourite part of the film is when Peter Sellers manages to lose his slip on shoe,and ofcourse we can't forget Birdy Num Num!
Movie Critic Kramer has some interesting facts to share about the Party with us, and we have news on how to win a copy of my book Koop Koopers Cocktail Nation The Interviews and I'll let you know about a cool video series on you tube to check out.

New Morty Show Ladies Man
Nutty Frankenmunster
Henry Mancini The Party
Ray Anthony September Song
Orchestra Superstring Shapale
Martini Kings Agua De Ber
Esquivel Harlem La Mantilla
Stan Getz Penthouse Serenade
Narco Lounge Combo bright Lights Big City
Mr Ho's Orchestorica Terre Exotique
Laurie Allyn Take Me In Your Arms
Kenny Sasaki Fly Me To The Island
Astrud Gilberto Insensatez

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cocktail Nation 259 New York New York

one of my favourite places in the world is New York city. Sadly I am too young to have been caught in the whirl wind of excitement that the big apple provided back in the fifties and sixties, but I can go there in my mind with the large number of songs written about the big apple.

So this week its an all New York show as we take a trip in the time machine of our minds visiting the Rockefeller centre, central park, the Chrysler building and the Empire State Building and all those marvellous places from the city that never sleeps

Frank Sinatra Theme From New York New York

Blossom Dearie Manhattan

Tony Bennett Lullaby of Broadway

Bob Thompson SubManhatten Blues

Dave Bruebeck Take Five

Knightsbridge Theme from the apartment

Esquivel Harlem Nocturne

Mark Copeland I happen to like New York

Mel Torme Sunday in New York

Billy May Late Late Show

Nelson Riddle Naked City Theme

Jose Madeira Broadway Cha Cha

Enoch Light Autumn In New York

Blue Martinis Great City

Billy May The Odd Couple

Mancini Breakfast At Tiffanys

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cocktail Nation 258-The Worlds Greatest Parties

I've always loved parties, big parties, little parties, swank parties.

To me it's the expectation of wonderful stories and friendships strengthened by the occasion.

New friends and old friends coming together.

Parties can be held for lots of reasons or no reason at all so tonight we will talk about the forty

greets parties in Literature with society gal Suzette Field from London and we talk to trash movie

expert Andrew Leavold who is going to tell us about a Filipino James Bond midget.

Orchestra Superstring Silberstrasse
Nutty Same Old Song and Scat
Pink Martini Mayonaka No Bossa Nova
Wynton Marsalis Loose Duck
John Barry 007 Theme
Montefiori Cocktail Gne Gne
Paris Mitchell Strings Night and Day
Chet Baker Forgetful
Tito Puente Ritual Drum Dance
Leonard Nimoy Music To Watch Girls By
Metrolites Today We Kill Tomorrow We Spy
Truly Pitts Take 5

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cocktail Nation 257 Bible Storyland

My favourite time is late night, when the noise of the city settles down to a a dull roar, the phone doesn't ring and the night goes on forever.

the tinkling of piano jazz on the hi fi fills the background void and thinking becomes more clear, work gets done, thoughts are formed and ideas generated

This week on the snow we talk to a man by the name of Harvey Jordan who has an incredible story about a theme park that never got built.

Some amazing mad men news about a pending lawsuit from a sixties model who's image was used on the show plus the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.

Janet Seidel A Man And A Woman
Arthur Lyman Autumn Leaves
Tikiyaki Orchestra Stranded In Paradise
Nicole Witt Cool And Indifferent
Xavier Cugat Brazil
Seth Mc Farlane Music Is Much Better Than Words
Sergio Mendez Mas Que Nada
Jackie Gleason From Russia WIth Love
Barbara Lusch So Nice
Jack Costanzo Latin Fever
Antonio Carlos Jobim Captain Bacardi
Kenny Sasaki Beach Bunny

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cocktail Nation 256 The Guide For The Married Man.

Sometimes the modern world can be too much, often it's not just the painful pop culture that can grind you to a pulp with its incessant screeching like finger nails down a chalkboard. Often you can want to get away from it all, to get into that time machine of your mind....the best way, movies, music and books.
Tonight we head back to 1967 to talk loungin bachelor pad movies with Kramer. I've got an amazing doco to tell you about plus the best classic and new lounge from across the globe.

Nutty Rhumba With The Devil

Octobop Jeru
Turtles The Guide for the Married Man

Martini Kings Swingin Shepard Blues

Mancini Love Story

Jimmy Vargas Torchin The El Rocco

New Gary Burton Quartet Did you get it

Esquivel Surfboard

Julie London What Is This Thing Called Love

Narco Lounge Combo Caravan

Jackie Gleason Serenade in Blue

Frank Sinatra Mr Success

Spy Fi Bryces Theme

Necrotonez Fare Thee Well

Billy May I Gotta Have You