Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cocktail Nation 251 Mad Monster Cocktail Party

They say that to host a perfect soire you need great food, great music and the perfect mix of guests from lots of backgrounds and interests.
Will if we were to apply principal to a swank radio show well I think we may have hit the zenith of swank ness.......on the show this week a man who has taken spookey tunes of the bmovie world and made them hip and cool for a young and exotic crowd. We talk advertising and irony straight from a life in the penthouse article for plus I have the best lounge and exotica music as our interesting guests .

Frank Bennett Everyones a Winner
Sue Raney Aren't You Glad You're You
Jimmy Psycho-That Ol Black Magic
Enoch Light -Perdido
Robert Hicks-Richard Diamond Theme
Martini Kings Just One Of Those Things
Billy May Brassmens Holiday
Nutty Purple Panther
Nicole Witt-Cool And Indifferent
Mel Torme- In The Evening
Joe Torres-Cha Cha
Kahuna Kawentezman Kava Village
Earl Hagen I Spy
Si Zentner James Bond Theme