Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cocktail Nation 255 The Way You Wear Your Hat

We are talking about the humble lid on this weeks show as John Penman from Penman Hats. There's some Mad Men Season Six News plus we are talking Modernism Week and a look at the world of swank as we check out the best parties from across the globe

Lalo Schfirin Mission Impossible
Joey Altruda Remembering Jobim
Martini Kings Bags Groove
Oscar Peterson-Georgia On my Mind
Jackie Gleason All We Know
Kenny Sasaki Erotica Exotica
Kayleen Peoples How Insensitive
Janet Seidel My Gentleman Friend
Chet Baker Tenderly
Spy Fi Then Play Down
Bobby Darin Softly As I Leave You
Paul Phillips Naked City

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cocktail Nation 254 Mambo Madness

it's the mambo beat and this week we hook into the mambo craze of the fifties with interviews from the big names of Mambo,this is the place where bright flourescent neon mixes with the white jackets of the mariachi band. It's smoky, sweaty, and passionate. Dom Halpin Mambo Mambo Jambo Dave Barbour Israel Cachao Lopez Mambo Rupert Clemedore Mambo Metronome Cocktail Angst Muy Psycho Mambo Don Swan and His Orch Hooray For Hollywood Jack Costanzo Peter Gunn Mambo Tito Puente Pa Los Rumberos Billy May Hernandos Hideaway Ethel Smith Tico Tico Blue Dahlias Brazil Chuy Reyes And His Orch Oink Oink Mambo John Buzon I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me Jimmy Vargas Can Can Hell Mambo Pink Martini No Hay Problema

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cocktail Nation 253 Hollywood Canteen

the lights are low the music is up high on the hi fi, the curtains are open to reveal a gorgeous Sydney skyline and the city buzzes below while I gather the latest and greatest lounge and exotica cds assembled into pile in the only radio studio 52 flights above the city of Sydney as this week we make a long distance phone call to hollywood to find out about the Hollywood Cafe, we find out about the Global Martini Tour Test, head back to our childhood to talk about an essential toy of the mid 20th century and I'll tell you how to own some Bond history.

Martini Kings Zou Biscou Biscou
Lushy French 75
Si Zentner The Fugitive Theme
Beverly Kenney A Womans Intuition
Don Tiki Chinatown Bar Cha Cha
Lex Baxter Havana
Diana Krall Night We Called It A Day
Jackie Gleason-Alone Together
Mancini Quiet Village
Yma Sumac Bo Mambo
Kenny Sasaki Owl
Blue Zombies Soul Finger
Frank Sinatra All My Tomorrow
Alvino Rey Night Train

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cocktail Nation 252 Breakfast At Tiffany's

Ok here's a quote for you "I'm like cat here, a no-name slob. We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us. We don't even belong to each other".
The film, Breakfast At Tiffany's is our focus this week and movie expert Kramer takes the elevator up to the penthouse as we talk loungin bachelor pad movies.
We have news from Mr Ho's Orchestrotica plus word that Vic Flick is selling that infamous guitar that's behind the 007 Theme.

Pink Martini Mas Que Nada
Tito Puente Pa Las Rumbero
Mancini Breakfast at Tiffanys
Mancini Something For Cat
Vic Flick Shaken
Nutty Rhumb a With The Devil
Laurie Allyn All I Need
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica -Phoenix Goodbye
Cal Tjader You'll Never Get To Heaven
Si Zentner From Russia With Love
Narco Lounge Combo Seduction
Tiki Joes Ocean Hypnotica
BSharp Band Destination Moon
Combustible Edison-Doir
Tikiyaki Orchestra Lahaina Morning Rain
Jackie Gleason Mickey

Cocktail Nation 251 Mad Monster Cocktail Party

They say that to host a perfect soire you need great food, great music and the perfect mix of guests from lots of backgrounds and interests.
Will if we were to apply principal to a swank radio show well I think we may have hit the zenith of swank ness.......on the show this week a man who has taken spookey tunes of the bmovie world and made them hip and cool for a young and exotic crowd. We talk advertising and irony straight from a life in the penthouse article for plus I have the best lounge and exotica music as our interesting guests .

Frank Bennett Everyones a Winner
Sue Raney Aren't You Glad You're You
Jimmy Psycho-That Ol Black Magic
Enoch Light -Perdido
Robert Hicks-Richard Diamond Theme
Martini Kings Just One Of Those Things
Billy May Brassmens Holiday
Nutty Purple Panther
Nicole Witt-Cool And Indifferent
Mel Torme- In The Evening
Joe Torres-Cha Cha
Kahuna Kawentezman Kava Village
Earl Hagen I Spy
Si Zentner James Bond Theme