Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cocktail Nation 250 - Sincerely, Patti Page

The swank party is set for go,the music is set on the turntable, the lights are dimmed and the drinks are chilled as we take a look at the life of the late great Patti Page, I've dug out an interview with her from a few years ago
For those who like a lid to go with their bag of fruit I will let you know about a very cool hat company. There's new on the blonde bombshell that is Marilyn Monroe, news on my print version of my book which is out now.

Nicol Gomez Caballo Negro
Royal Crown Review Walkin Like Brando
Patti Page Love for Sale
Pink Martini Sympatique
Barbara Lusch Light My Fire
Martini Kings Deep Into Midnight
Oscar Peterson Trio Triste
Pat Longo Come What May
Arthur Lyman Midnight Sun
Tiki Joes Ocean Tiki Joe A Go Go
Jonah Jones Judy
Annie Ross You're Nearer
Bob Thompson Star Fire
SG Sound Satellite Feed
Jimmy Psycho Scooby Doo

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Faux Irony and Vintage Advertising

Spend anytime on the internet and you will find lots of vintage advertising with ironic witticism tagged on the picture as the blogger marvels at the sexism of vintage advertising.

Perhaps it’s Mad Men that has led us to devour anything that seems vaguely retro but for some reason ads from the midcentury continue to be a source of amusement for those who think that they are oh so enlightened.

Those reading the vintage commercials no doubt have a right ol guffaw at the commercials and exclaim that the Sexual Revolution changed all that for the better and that they are so glad they live in the twenty first century.

The irony is that the so called “targeted marketing” could actually come from 1961, it’s simply draped in a modern veneer with a modern looking mother who clearly works in television and may have once been a model. There’s the sexy twenty something who serves beer to a bunch of football players. There’s the underage underwear models dancing about the stage, and of course the typical mother at home with children and father at work scenario that looks so vaguely familiar, but hang on, it’s different because Dad drives a Toyota to work, not a 59 Chev.
Sounds a little retrospective maybe? You bet!
The women are pitched as “empowered” when in reality they are used in exactly the same way corporations sold beer, cigarettes and cars in the mid twentieth century.

I’m sure it will only be a matter of minutes before some post y2k hipster posts the next vintage advertisement. My advice is to give them a current example of advertising so they can see how ridiculous their faux irony really is.

Koop Koopers bio

Koop Kooper is the author of Koop Koopers Cocktail Nation- The Interviews which is based on his Internationally Syndicated radio show "The Cocktail Nation".
Based in Sydney Australia this Lounge Lothario, Socialite and all round gadabout has been writing social commentary pieces for the last ten years based on his observations of modern life. Koop Kooper is defiantly a man with one foot in the past and one in today's screwy world.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cocktail Nation 249 Vintage Los Angeles

Koop Kooper back on the radio for 1953 This week we head to Los Angeles to talk to the daughter of the great Al Martino. Her name is Alison and she has an interesting collection of pictures of Los Angeles, we'll take a look at the lives of the late great Patti Page and Jack Klugman.
Got lots of great events to put into your calendar plus the swankiest lounge and exotica on the planet.

New Gary Burton Quartet Did You Get It
Barbara Lusch So Nice
Richard Hayman Only Memories
Michael Civisica Love Walked In
Tiki Joes Ocean Belles Of Bombay
Plas Johnson Pink Panther
Pat Longo Rhapsody In Blue
Patti Page The Thrill Is Gone
Jimmy Psycho Munsters Theme
Julie London Must Be Catchin
Richard Hayman Night Love
Roland Shaw and his orch -James Bond Theme
Serge Gainsbourg Leau A La Bouche

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cocktail Nation repeat 81 Sam Butera

Cocktail Nation spinning the latest and greatest classic and neo lounge, a look at the world of swank plus tonight we take a look at the life of the recently departed Sam Butera with a special interview that was recorded back stage with Sam in 1999.
I’ve been out record collecting again and found some fantastic original albums I’ve tracked down in the record bins of charity stores that I’ll play for you.

Cy Coleman-Playboys Theme
Dom Halpin-Out Of The Blue
Sam Butera and the Witnesses-Dig That Crazy Chick
Jackie Gleason-Temptation
Martini Kings-Because of You
Arthur Lyman-Carabunta
Sylvia Telles-Discussao
Cocktail Angst- Rhumba Of The Saints
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Makaha
Fisherman—Hell Toupee
Kava Kon-Chinese Surfer
The SG Sound-I Feel the Earth Move
Octobop-Have you Hugged your Martian Today
Richard Cheese - Spiderman
Jack Constanzo—Young Man With a Horn
Pete King-The Height Of The Spy Season
Jimmy Paycho tubular bells
Barbara Lusch Light my fire