Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cocktail Nation 295 Best Of The Best 2013

What a year it had been here at the Cocktail Nation with the show being added to more and more stations across the globe....look out Ryan Seacrest, I'm coming to get you. The podcast was enhanced, we got a new website and I bought a 1964 Austin Healey! But ofcourse the show needs great guests and great music and we have had plenty of that. Each year I like to highlight the best of the best of the year and that's sometimes difficult in a one hour show so for you some of the most stand out releases of the last twelve months.

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Chiseling Music
O Som Do Jazz Sambou Sambou
Metropole Orchestra My Blue Heaven
Ixtahuele Stone Gods Of Bimini
Codename Carter Stealth Palmer
Aaron Diehl The Cylinder
Molly Ringwald Don’t You Forget About Me
Narco Lounge Combo Caravan
Laura Ainsworth Necessary Evil
Tiki Delights Twist Of Lyman

Cocktail Nation 294 Potions of The Caribbean with Jeff Beachbum Berry

Jeff Beachbum Berry has got a brand new book out that will blow your mind about the history of tiki drinks. For those in Los Angeles I have a very cool hang out for you plus a very groovy newsletter to sign up for which I can guarantee you won't regret when it drops into your inbox each week.

Tony Bennett With Plenty Of Money And You
Aaron Diehl Moonlight In Vermont
Si Zentner From Russia With Love
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Ritual Mallet Dance
Percussion For Playboys Angel  Eyes
Metropole Orchestra Third Man Theme
Martin Denny Rain
Pink Martini and Saori Yuki Mayonka No Bossa Nova
Dave Bruebeck Broadway Bossa Nova
Frank Sinatra I Wish I Were In Love Again
Sally Street When In Rome
Peggy Lee From Now On
Clouseaux Paraiso

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cocktail Nation 293 American International Pictures

this week on the show we take a look at one of the smallest players in the movie making machine of Hollywood of the fifties that just happened to be one that packed a really big punch…news on the demise of the Hukilau event in Florida plus the best lounge and exotica from across the globe along with the best parties to end the year with.

Clouseaux Search For a Vulcan
Tiki Lounge Crew Suburbia 62
Reg Owen Everyday
Percy Faith Theme From A Summer Place
Octobop Jazz Goes To Siwash
Tiki Joe’s  Ocean Night  Of The Jungle
Martin Denny Exotica
Janet Seidel Miami Beach Mambo
Barney Mcall Mysteriss
Sir Julien You Only Live Twice
O Som Do Jazz Nanna
Nina Simone Wils Is The Wind

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cocktail Nation 292 Shelley Berman. To Laughter With Questions

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of speaking to the great Comedian Shelley Berman, well he's back on the show to talk about a book of poetry he's has written along with extraordinary ability to adlib. I've got a free vintage online magazine to check out, and a nice box set for you in time for Christmas

David Carbonara A Beautiful Mine

Cocktail Inn Brief And Breezy

Enoch Light Bingo Bango Bongo Baby

Mancini Brothers Go To Mothers

Ixtahuele Rarohengen Dance

Morton Stevens Hawaii Five O 

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Would You like Bongos With That Fugue

Nutty Back In Black

Plas Johnson Mean To Me

101 Strings A Man And A Woman 

John Barry 7 Underground Lair

Count Basie April In Paris

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cocktail Nation 291 Tiki Iniki

Cocktail Nation 291 Tiki Iniki

I love it when a new Tiki Bar opens and keeps the Aloha spirit alive, this week I talk to the manager of a new Tiki Bar called Tiki Iniki …continuing on the big island news of a legal battle that Brad Tiki shark Parker has been plunged into and whilst many of us who are into the fifties and sixties culture  dress in vintage clothes, collect furniture and drive classic cars this week I will bring you a story of a couple who have gone back…way back to the turn of the century.

Cocktail Inn Dragnet

Ricki Derek Rio

Tiki Joe’s Ocean Quiet Voyage

Ray Conniff Caravan

Paris Mitchell Strings Dream

Ixtahuele Dengue Fever

Neal Hefti Cherry Point

Seth MacFarlane It’s Anybodys Spring

Sergio Mendez Girl From Ipanema

101 Strings Cha Cha Italiano

Laura Fygi Perfidia

Tiki Lounge Crew Hipsters Lair

Jerry Costanzo Penthouse Serenade

Cal Tjader A Night In Tunisia

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cocktail Nation 290 Disney Frozen In Ice

the franchise that is Disney is one of the best known across the globe, the man who began it all, Walt Disney was a man with vision and that vision continued after his death in 1966, this week we talk to a man who has put together book all about the time after Walts Death.
News on a new book from Beachbum Berry  and a new series on Kennedys you might have caught on the box

Aaron Diehl The Cylinder 
Metropole Orchestra Spellbound
Arthur Lyman Leis Of Jazz
Machiniso  Percusion Frenzy 
Tiki Delights Stay In My Arms
Jimmy Vargas The Girl You Left Behind
Laurie Allyn So In  Love
Linda Lawson Mood Indigo
Narco Lounge Combo Squizy Tahini
Nelson Riddle Your Zowie Face
Oscar Peterson My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Pink Martini Mar Desconocido
Stan Getz  Charade 
Jackie Gleason Darn That Dream

Cocktail Nation 289 Designing Bond


There is no doubt about it James Bond is one stylish lounge lothario. To me it doesn't matter what era of Bond you are talking about, they all have that factor swank cool.
This week on the show talking to the curator of a Bond exhibition called Designing Bond, we talk the perils of over collecting and details about a tour to check out to experience the marvelous music of Mr Ho's Orchestrotica along with the best gigs from across the globe.

Spy FI Black Tie Spy
Sally Street Play Your Hands Girls
Leroy Holmes The James Bond Theme
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Maracatune For Chalco
Sarah Vaughn Peter Gunn 
Acca Daiquiris Witchcraft
David Carbonara How Mable Got Stable Cha Cha Cha
Aaron Diehl Blue Nude 
Earl Hagan I Spy
Martini Kings Zou Biscou Biscou
Freddy Cole Waiter Ask The Man to Play the Blues
Ixtahule Gardens Of Mu
Jonah Jones  Blue Danube Rock

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cocktail Nation 288 The Young Man Of Paris

One of my favourite places is Paris so this week on the show I thought why not honour this marvellous city, this spectacular country with a rich, swank and romantic culture with a playlist of French music and French inspired lounge

Billie Holiday April In  Paris
Mark Copeland I Love Paris
Nelson Riddle C’est Magnifique
Serge Gainsbourg  Je T’aime Moi Non Plus 
Stereophonic Space Sound unlimited la fille dans le train 
Billy May The Poor People Of Paris
Button Down Brass French Connection
Cy Coleman Parisian Women
Dicky Do and The Don’ts  Vive L’amour  
Joe “Fingers" Carr Under Paris Skies
Laura Ainsworth La Vie En Rose 
Andre Popp Musique Mecanique
CLouseax Le Nuit 
Pink Martini Sympathique
Les Double Six French Rat Race
Elmer Bernstein Valentina
Henri Reni Petite Fleur

Cocktail Nation 287 The Rediscovery Of Esquivel


One of the biggest and most important releases for the neo lounge scene was the 1994 Space age Bachelor pad Music Cd which was produced by Irwin Chusid and was a real game changer for the lounge lotharios ...if you love new music we have you covered with some more new tunes from Codename Carter plus the latest Mr Ho's Orchestrotica from the new album Where Here Meets There.

Tiki Delights Bali Safari

Vic Flick James Bond Theme

Esquivel Surfboard

Frank Sinatra That's Life

Mr Ho's Orchestorica Chiseling Music

Codename Carter Stealth Palmer

Henry Mancini Windmills Of Your Mind

Ixtauhele Brugmansia

Jackie Gleason If He Walked into my Life

Laurie Allyn You're So Bad For Me

James Morrison The Master Plan

Chet Baker Let's Get Lost

Cocktail Nation 286 Where Here Meets There

Fresh from flying around in my recent purchase of a 1964 Austin Healey it's Koop Kooper lounging about the Sydney penthouse with chilled drinks, taking in the city lights with the lounge soundtrack draping the penthouse in a technicolor glow.
This week Mr Ho of Mr Ho's Orchestrotica  stops by to talk about a new release called Where Here Meets I've got a Sinatra story as told by Tom Selleck

Nutty Same Old Scat And Song

Metropole Orchestra Jalousie

Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Sansaz

Dean Martin Baby O

Robert Drasnin Tahitian 

Frank Sinatra Call Me

Martin Denny Beyond The Reef

Joey Altruda Remembering Jobim

Pink Martini Syracuse

Oscar Peterson Exactly Like You

O Som Do Jazz Secret Paradise

Laura Ainsworth That's The Kind Of Guy I Dream Of

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cocktail Nation 285 Church Of Frank Sinatra

Koop Kooper back with Cocktail nation after a two week vacation and ready to go with the best lounge and exotica sitting on the Hi Fi.
Now tell me, would you consider Frank Sinatra a god? Some people have felt that it would be appropriate to build a church around the chairman of the board....we will find out more about that as I speak to head of the Los Angeles church of Frank Sinatra. We have news on the passing of Louis Primas wife and musical partner Gia Maione and some news on  the Tikiyaki Orchestra.

Aaron Diehl The Cylinder
Clouseaux Search For A Vulcan
Frank Sinatra Mr Success
Halford Jetset Tema De Anna
Peggy Lee You're Blase
Tikiyaki Orchestra Mysteria
Don Tiki Jungle Julie
Gia Maione On The Other Side Of Tears
Jimmy Vargas Dahlias Web
David Carbonara Elevator Gossip
Monty Norman Dr No's Fantasy
Kenny Sasaki Jellyfish

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cocktail Nation repeat Jack Jones

Koop Kooper is on vacation so it’s the best of the best rerun shows of the Cocktail Nation

Coming up on this best of show, we find out about the life of Jack Jones, there’s new music from Waitiki 7 and Don Tiki, plus all the regular Cocktail Nation features!

Mike Flowers Pops ~ Wonderwall

Combustible Edison ~ Millionaires Holiday

Jack Jones ~ The Mood I’m

In Chris Connor ~ S’Wonderful

Jack Costanzo ~ Latin Fever

Hugo Montenegro ~ Come Spy With Me

Waitiki 7 ~ Coronation Tikiyaki Orchestra ~ Bachelor Number3

Chaino ~ Sumac Esquivel ~ Latin-esque

Liz Geyson ~ You turn me on baby

Frank Bennet Your’e Too Hip

Don Tiki ~ The Forbidden Finger

Frank Sinatra ~ Strangers in the Night

Fire and Theft ~ Tainted Dream

Jackie Gleason ~ I’m in the Mood for Love

Cocktail Nation 284 Moon Show

Have you ever thought about how many songs in the world are about the Moon…long before man landed on the moon out obsession with the moon was well and truly formed. This week in the Cocktail Nation we are going to feature songs of Lounge about the moon….and ofcourse the 1969 moon landing and the words of Neil Armstrong. For the fans of Princess Grace I have news of a movie coming your way about her life plus out look at the world of swank with the best parties from across the globe.

Janet Seidel Moon River
Tony Bennett Blue Moon
Tikiyaki Orchestra Mai Tais On The Moon
Tiki Joe's Ocean Moonlight Moods
Stan Getz Moonlight In Vermont
Love Jones Whisky, The Moon and Me
Mel Torme Swingin On The Moon
Enoch Light  Orchids In  The Moonlight
Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon
Jackie Gleason Moonglow
Ames Brothers No Moon At All
Morris Stoloff Moonglow
Arthur Lyman Moon Over A Ruined Castle
Chet Baker Moonlight Becomes You
George Dunning Moonglow and Theme From Picnic
Don Tiki Other Side Of The Moon

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Old Cars Are Better Than New Cars

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: new cars are way better than old cars. They start first go, they’re faster and safer, they all have air conditioning, they don’t rust and they almost never break down.

But old cars do have a few advantages over the 21st century whipper-snappers. Here are the Top4 reasons why classic is better than plastic.

You won’t be up for a thousand dollars if you reverse into a cushion
Once upon a time, kiddies, cars had things called bumper bars. The idea of these bumper bars was that if you bumped into something at low speed – a pole, say, or another car – nothing would be damaged. But thanks to a few pedestrians who crossed the road with their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears, these bumper bars were phased out in favour of idiot-friendly plastic panels that crack in a light breeze and cost a bomb to replace.

Airbags and sat navs don’t add lightness
Engine efficiency is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was 30 or 40 years ago. Car makers have managed to squeeze more and more power from less and less fuel. And yet fuel economy is not much better today than it was in the olden days. Why? Because new cars are so laden with technology. Take the Ford Falcon: in 1973, the XB model weighed 1394kg. The present FG model tips the scales at 1704kg!

You don’t need a Masters of Computer Science to fix your old car
In an old car, there were only a few things that could go wrong – and if something did go wrong, there was a good chance you could fix it with a few simple tools. Nowadays, computers run just about everything, which means you have to be Data from Star Trek just to change a spark plug.

Depreciation hurts
Buy the right old car for the right price, hang onto it for a few years and you could actually sell it for a profit. Buy a new car, however, and the moment you drive it out of the caryard you’ll take a $5000 hit to your hip pocket.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cocktail Nation 283 O Som Do Jazz

this week I bring you a band that is bringing back that Bossa Nova  sound for the Jetset exotics.......some swank advice on how to automate your life so as to allow for more swank activity.
Of course the only lounge and exotica gig guide returns to the airwaves along with th best lounge and exotica from across the big blue planet!

Combustible Edison Millionaires Holiday

Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Frenesi

OO Som Do Jazz Sambou Sambou

Oscar Peterson I Got It Bad

Tiki Joes Ocean ALoha Amor

Waitiki 7 When First I Love

Blue Dahlia's Brazil

Shelley Mann Daktari

Sergio Mendes Monday Monday

Pink Martini Mar Desconcido

Arthur Lyman Group Colonel Bogey March

Laura Ainsworth Love For Sale

Jimmy  Vargas Torchin The El Roco

Cocktail Nation 282 Birthplace of Exotica

Imagine being at the birthplace of Exotica at the Hawaiian Hilton when exotica was born, what a moment. Well you can experience that feeling when Waitiiki 7 and Jimmy Borges hit the stage later this year, Randy Wong stops by to talk about this concert, I'vegot news on my new automotive purchase and we talk about the lost mansions of LA

Clouseaux Hunt Of The Savage
Spy Fi Eldorado
Waitiki 7 Voodoo Love
Aaron Diel Generation Y
Hugo Montengro  Guaglione
Lex Baxter A Taste Of Honey
Diana Krall Night We Called It A Day
Jackie Gleason-The Girl From Ipanema
Mancini Quiet Village
Oscar Peterson Morten Swing
Tiki Delights Stormy Outrigger
Barbara Lusch So Nice
Si Zentner Walk On The Wild side

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cocktail Nation 281 Codename Carter

Some spy action this week as we catch up with a new band to the show Codename Carter, news on the home of some the worlds greatest songs with the Brill Building, sad news on the passing of Marian Mc Partland from NPR plus our world of swank gig guide and the swankiest tunes from across the globe as we broadcast from Sydney's home of Lounge …the Penthouse. 

 Dom Mariani 4 in the Mornin 
 Kenny Sasaki Fly Me To The Moon 
 Codename Carter Perfect Clarity Perfect Cut 
 Elmer Bernstein Thinking Of 
Baby David Carbonara A Beautiful Mine 
 Duke Ellington Anatomy Of A Murder 
 Enoch Light Autumn In New York 
 Tiki Delights Sandy Samba 
 Tiki Joes Ocean Lullaby For Lono 
 O Som Do Jazz Manha Alegre 
 Nelson Riddle Your Zowie 
 Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Phoenix Goodbye 
 Martin Denny Love Dance 
 Janet Seidel Midnight Sun

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cocktail Nation 280 Bachelor Pad Cooking

on the show this week we are talking bachelor pad cooking for one with James M Kraus who has a marvellous book out called Jet Age Cooking for the Bachelor, I have some Man from Uncle news for you and some Mad Men news

Tikiyaki Orchestra Maitais On The Moon

Ixtahule Searching For Souq

James Bond and His Sextet You  Only Live Twice

O Som Do Jazz Brisa Do Nordeste

Spy Fi Man From Uncle

Oscar Peterson Dreamsville

Mavis Rivers You'd Be So Nice To Come Home to

Martini Kings Desfinado

Aaron Diehl The Cylinder

Arthur lyman Blue Hawaii

Bob Thompson There A Small Hotel

Tiki Delights Scorpian Rider

Pink Martini Taya Tan

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jet Age Cooking For The Bachelor Gourmet

Jet Age Cooking for the Bachelor Gourmet. 

This weekend on the Cocktail Nation we are heading to the kitchen with author James M Kraus author of Jet Age Cooking for the Bachelor Gourmet.
Pour a Manhattan to savour while you create Steak Diane, Spaghetti Maria Grazia, Filet of Beef à la TWA and other classic Jet Age cuisine.

Available in the US, UK, EU and Japan, the book’s recipes display measurements and temperatures in all popular international formats. It is a full-color multimedia work specifically designed for the iPad that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the e-book format.

This book is targeted to the sophisticated Man About Town who cooks for pleasure rather than necessity. All recipes are specifically scaled for a solo serving, easily doubled for preparing that special dinner à deux. It is tightly focused on a selection of international favorites that were staples of upscale restaurants in the 1960s.

The decade was an auspicious era not just for automobiles but for fine dining as well. The burgeoning popularity of jet travel allowed first hand exposure to an array of culinary cultures without the time investment of a lengthy ocean voyage. Health considerations took a distant backseat to flavor, extravagance and spectacle.

Celebrating the culinary indulgence of this epoch, Jet Age Cooking is a compilation of recipes carefully curated for lush, rich flavor as well as easy of preparation and cleanup. None of the preparations require the use of a blender or food processor; most require little more than a pan, knife and spoon, rendering them eminently suitable for preparation not only in the gourmet kitchen of your château, but in the galley of your boat or the kitchenette of your pied-à-terre.

Join Koop Kooper this weekend on the Cocktail Nation as we explore the culinary delights of Jet Age Cooking for the Bachelor.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cocktail Nation 279 Raymond Scott

on the show this week we catch up with Irwin Chusid to talk about the great Raymond Scott  and the work that he has done and continues to do for the family. We've lost a great in that of Eydie Gorme who passed away last week so we will take a look at her life and another passing in that of 
Faster pussy cat star Haji.

David Carbonara Bunnys Bop

Aaron Diehl Epilogue

Raymond Scott What Is This Thing Called Love

O Som Do Jazz Batucda

Codename Carter  Defect

Eydie Gormet Frenesi

Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon

Laura Ainsworth He's So Unusual

MoonRays Mysterioso

Mr Ho's Orchestra Let's Dance 

Plas Johnson Pink Panther/it Had Better Be Tonight

Quincy Jones Cast You're Fate To The Wind

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cocktail Nation 278 Pink Panther and Tiki Delights

My neighbour, Kramer is back again this week to talk lounging bachelor pad movies this as we head back to 1964 to talk the Pink Panther Movie plus
we are jammed pack with new music this week ….with new stuff  from The Tiki Delights as we talk to the man behind it all, there's  new  music from a spy jazz band called  Codename Carter and another new release from a Bossa Nova band called O Som Do Jazz. Join me for the swank affair that is the Cocktail Nation

O Som Do Jazz Sambou Sambou
Codename Carter Stealth Palmer
Henry Mancini Pink Panther
Jackie Gleason Out Of Nowhere
Seth Mac Farlane Music Is Much Better Than Words
Tiki Delights Bali Safari
Oscar Peterson Morton Swing
Combustible Edison Millionaires Holiday
Nutty Paranoid Cat
Robert Hicks I didn't Like It The First Time
Sergio Mendes Mas Que Nada
James Morrison The Call  
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited November Morning
Coleman Hawkins Cocktails For Two

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cocktail Nation 277 Laura Ainsworth Necessary Evil

The very talented lounge singer Laura Ainsworth is on the show this weekend talking about her career and background, some  Bond news on that submarine car that's been put-up for sale recently. There some news on a new doco that lifts the lid on the JFK assassination.

Nutty Five Nights

Pink Martini No Hay Problema

Laura Ainsworth Necessary Evil

Lou Busch Cool

Louis Prima Just a Gigolo 

Marty Paich Summertime

Joey Altruda Tropical Paradise

Diana Krall Stop This World

Alvino Rey Night Train

Julie O'Hara I Fall in Love To Fast 

Vic Flick Live and Let Die

Leroy Holmes Search For A Vulcan

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cocktail Natin 276 Louis Prima Jr Part 2

This week on the show the son of the great Louis Prima…Louis Prima jr joins me  for part two of our interview, we talk to a man who is fighting to prevent the destruction of the former Pan Am terminal in that of WorldPort plus news on the Martini Kings  new release and ofcourse the only lounge and exotica gig guide. 

Clouseaux Kiss Of Ku

Tiki Joes Ocean Honolulu

Louis Prima Jr Oh Babe

Spy Fi Two Miles

David Carbonara Giovanis Muse

Chaino Voodoo

Chaquito Big Band The Spy's Wife

Martini Kings Zou Biscou Biscou

Leonard Nimoy  Music To Watch Girls By

Billy May Invitation

Mr Ho's Orchestorica Frenesi

Lalo Schifrin Barney Does It all

Laurindo Almeida The Look Of Love

Robert Drasin Jardin De La Noche 

Si Zentner Walk On The Wild Side

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cocktail Nation 275 Louis Prima Jr

This week on the show the son of the great Louis Prima…Louis Prima jr joins me, I've got a funny story from Don Rickles who recently appeared on Letterman talking about Sinatra plus a great article about the sad demise of World Port and of course the best lounge and exotica from around the world and the world of swank gig guide.

Ixtahuele Stone Gods Of Bimini
David Carbonara  Nearing The End
Louis Prima Jr Jump Jive And Whale
Frank Sinatra That's Life
George Shearing  If I Should Lose You
Hans Karl Blue Scooter
Janet Seidel Moon Of Manakoora
Julie London Must Be Catchin
Laura Ainsworth I'd Give a Dollar For A Dime
Marty Paich The Cat
Nutty Black Mutt
Gerry Mulligan Night Lights
John Barry 7 007 Theme
Shirley Scott Dreamsville 
Skip Heller-Alice Through A Twilight Zone