Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Flight on a 1930s Tiger Moth Bi Plane

Several years ago I decided that each year I wanted to learn or experience something new.
Recently it was my birthday and I was given a flight in a 1930's Tiger Moth Bi plane.
Being somewhat of a negative person the first thing I did was google "Bi Plane Crash".
I was surprised and alarmed to see that there were quite a few crashes. I was also disturbed to see that they generally go down because of an engine stalling. And here's the worst bit, they don't just glide down and the pilot can then try and crash land safely, instead they just drop out of the sky because the plane is ultra light and the engine at the front is the heaviest part of the plane.

Well as you could imagine I was a little nervous. Fortunately nothing happened and the flight went without incident as I flew across the Hunter Valley Wine district. The owner of the joy flight company put me at ease by telling me about the rigid testing procedures.
It truly was a marvellous experience and so very different to any other flight I had been on. Over my lifetime I have literally been on thousands of flights and to me those flights are not flying. It's a bit like driving a modern car with all the whizz bang gadgets that make driving something that dummies can do and ironically do on a daily basis! Drive a classic car and you will know what I am talking about.
Get into an open air cockpit on a very light weight plane that is moved by every little gust of wind and you will know what I mean.

Certainly after my flight I have a new found respect for the pilots of World War One. How those men flew and fought into those flimsy flying machines is beyond me, especially as they often had very little flying experience.

It's always fun to do and experience new things and this is one I won't forget in a hurry. Check out the pictures of me on this adventure. I chose to wear my forties aviators jacket and and fedora ala Howard Hughes!