Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cocktail Nation 238 Soul Of The Sea

On the show this week we talk to Andy Nazal of Tiki Joes Ocean about his brand new album, some additional news on our interview with Laurie Allyn from last week, a cool new movie coming out about beat generation...we have a new sponsor for our world of swank gig guide along with the best gigs from across the globe

Spy Fi Off The Grid
Earl Hagan I Spy
Tiki Joes Ocean Soul of the Sea
Kenny Sasaki Tiki Diva
Laurie Allyn Easy Living
Dom Halpin Mambo
Frank Sinatra Call Me
Astred Gilberto So Nice
Les Baxter Tahiti A Summer Night At See
Martin Denny Quiet Village
DJ Bonebrake Trio Bernstein 007
Mr Hos Orchestorica Frenesi
Nutty Hello Dolly Dagger
Walter Wanderly I'll do The Samba With You