Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cocktail Nation 240 Oceans 11

We are talking loungin bachelor pad movies with Kramer this time heading back to Vegas in 1960, some new music sent into the Cocktail Nation. Another great album I picked up at the record fair here in Sydney. And we tackle the question of vintage or you need to choose.

Octobop Love Me Or Leave Me
Martini Kings Just One Of Those Things
Sammy Davis Jr Eee O Eleven
Esquivel La Mantilla
Frank Bennett Money
Heather Rigdon I LIke My Coffee Black
Etta James Sunday Kind Of Love
Tiki Joes Ocean Night Of The Jungle
Percussive Jazz Dragnet
Buddy Bergman Gage Flips
Cy Coleman Playboys Theme
Orchestra Superstring Evidence
Melody Gardot Les Etoiles
Tikiyaki Orchestra Sunset On Kona
Dean Martin Just In Time

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cocktail Nation 239 Espia En Vacciones

Cloak and Dagger stuff on the Cocktail Nation as we catch up with Tom Tremelo from Spy Fi to talk about their latest album.
We've got the latest in gigs from across the globe plus a very cool reproduction modern furniture store to get your swank pad looking ...well , swank.

Nutty Five Nights
Tikiyaki Orchestra In Search Of Mei Ting
Spy Fi Espia En Vacciones
Sergio Mendez Brasil 66 Mas Que Nada
Tiki Joes Ocean Pine Apple Salsa
Percussive Jazz Man With The Golden Arm
Don Tiki The Forbidden Finger
Gregg Arthur Fly Me To The Moon
Martin Denny Jungle Drums
Walter Wanderly Forget Domani
Laurie Allyn All I Need Is You
Diana Krall Este Olhar
Janet Seidel Love For Sale
Steve Lawrence Night and Day
Wayne Newton Shangrilla

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cocktail Nation 238 Soul Of The Sea

On the show this week we talk to Andy Nazal of Tiki Joes Ocean about his brand new album, some additional news on our interview with Laurie Allyn from last week, a cool new movie coming out about beat generation...we have a new sponsor for our world of swank gig guide along with the best gigs from across the globe

Spy Fi Off The Grid
Earl Hagan I Spy
Tiki Joes Ocean Soul of the Sea
Kenny Sasaki Tiki Diva
Laurie Allyn Easy Living
Dom Halpin Mambo
Frank Sinatra Call Me
Astred Gilberto So Nice
Les Baxter Tahiti A Summer Night At See
Martin Denny Quiet Village
DJ Bonebrake Trio Bernstein 007
Mr Hos Orchestorica Frenesi
Nutty Hello Dolly Dagger
Walter Wanderly I'll do The Samba With You

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mr Sin

On Saturday night after my photo shoot with Jack McGuire we were sitting in a cafe in Double Bay and I happened to spot former Kings Cross drug and nightclub king Billy Bayeh who was recently released from prison. The history of the Kings Cross area of Sydney is fascinating. Here's an interesting interview with the original Sin King of Kings Cross of the fifties and sixties called Abe Saffron.He passed away recently and this article is from 2006

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More on Laurie Allyn

Thanks to David Gasten,Producer of the This Is Vintage Now Series, further info on the Laurie Allyn Story we brought you this weekend on the Cocktail Nation.

"Mode Records existed briefly in 1957-58, recording albums at the famous Radio Recorders recording studio in Los Angeles from June through October of 1957 before running out of money and not being able to pay for the sessions of their own recordings or even pay their session musicians. One musician tipped them off to the local musicians union, an act which effectively snuffed their ability to record anything more. The Mode masters were bought out by Tampa Records, who were able to sell the Mode albums as budget albums in department stores. Mode’s and Tampa’s catalogues were then bought out by a record pressing plant that went bankrupt in the early 1980’s. By this time the word had gotten out on the high quality of the music in these labels' catalogues, and they landed in good hands—those of VSOP Records an independent label who jumped at the opportunity to market these esteemed albums to the jazz collector audience. VSOP have steadily kept the Mode
and Tampa albums in stock over the years, and have done excellent mastering work on them that makes them sound like they were recorded yesterday.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cocktail Nation 237 Laurie Allyn

On the show this week we talk to a marvellous artist who recorded her one and only album in the late fifties and was only recently discovered by a whole new audience. News on the passing on the great Hal David.

Billy May Hernandos Hideaway
Plas Johnson Pink Panther
Laurie Allyn Paradise
Tikiyaki Orchestra Polynesian Village Love Theme
Spy Fi Bryces Theme
Cal Tjader My Little Red Book
Pink Martini -Kiseto No Ashioto
Tiki Joes Ocean Bom Dia Ipanema
Les Baxter Left Arm Of Budda
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Revenge Of the Belly Dancer
Ludovic Bource Speed Date Car
Orchestra Superstring Mambakita
Bob Thompson Submanhatten Blues

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Imagine This

Imagine you just got the break of a lifetime and five minutes later your chance at fame and immortality was taken away.
How would this make you feel.
And imagine this, as the years go by nobody believes you!
This weekend on the Cocktail Nation radio show I am going to talk to a woman who in 1957 recorded an album. Five minutes after recording a brilliant album the record company went bust. She never sang again...till now. Thanks to the Internet her missing album was recovered and is being enjoyed by millions. Tune in this weekend to the Cocktail Nation to hear this incredible story

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fight Card: Bluff City Brawler

The latest in the series, Fight Card: Bluff City Brawler, went live on Amazon today. This entry is from the hardboiled and battered typewriter of Heath Lowrance and, like all the previous Fight Card tales, it’s a two-fisted tale of boxing mayhem

“Tom Riley makes a meager living in the ring in Detroit, but it’s good enough for him. He ain’t ambitious. A few bucks and a rather high opinion of himself are all he needs. But when he accidentally kills a connected mobster, he’s forced on the lam and winds up in Memphis—the Bluff City. He struggles to make a new life for himself there. But his past mistakes are about to catch up to him, in spades. The Detroit Mob is closing in, and Tom’s future is about to be decided in blood—and in the ring.”