Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Cads Drive sports cars

There is something about a sports car that just reeks of sex.
Let's face it, even if we see a balding middle aged man cruising the highway we automatically know several things about him. Firstly he's got money, secondly he probably gets a lot of action and thirdly....there is a chance he could be a complete tosser.

Now I don't automatically assume the negative connotations of a man driving a sports car. I figure he's probably a guy I would get along with really well, this ofcourse could say more about me than anything else.

Regardless, I do believe that a sporty number says a lot about a man. It says that he is a risk taker, that a little bit of wind through his hair isn't going to worry him, that the impracticality of a sports car doesn't doesn't seem to bother him, that style and sexiness means more to him than sensibility.

In addition he is a man who wants to be admired, who is proud of his accomplishments. The top is down not to let the sun in, but to let the exhibitionist out. This is why you see so many chatteringly frozen convertible owners struggling to open their hoods in the midst of a gale.

Yes the sports car says a lot about a Cad, sexy, wealthy, healthy and happy.....and he doesn't care of you think he's a tosser, because he owns a sports car and you do not!