Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cocktail Nation 234 -Robert Hicks

On the show this week we chat to crooner Robert Hicks about his music, career and the famous people he has worked with, two legends have passed on from long ago and one of recent tiki fame, new music from Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, Spy Fi and Orchestra Superstring

Vibes On Velvet Spookmaster
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Enter the Tiger
Robert Hicks It's Crazy
Linda Lawson Up Pops Love
Don Tiki The Natives Are Restless
Don Tiki Pagan Lust
Orchestra Superstring Ambrosia
Spy Fi Bryces Theme
Frank Sinatra The Second Time Around
Wynton Marsalis Northbound
Les Baxter The Other Side Of The Moon
Laurie Allyn Your So Bad For Me
Nestor Amaral Brazil
Martin Denny Diga Diga Doo
Chet Baker Lush Life