Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Lucky Cars

Today I was cruising Sydneys freeways in the 1965 Valiant, the car hugging the open road and me confidently accelerating past people as they went about their business, me, I was enjoying the simplicity of the basic drive experience, one that was devoid of technology that rob me of the true driving experience.

The music from my stereo blarred as enjoying a beautiful day and on the AM radio Frank Sinatra's Strangers In The Night seeped from the speakers andmy mind started to wander as I pondered how many times this car, in this life, has heard this song on its radio.

Classic cars are funny because in many ways they are lucky cars. Reality is that eventually most cars will be junked, perhaps rust away or be written off in an accident, that's what makes these cars so special and just like my 1965 Valiant they've managed to survive, potentially they could last forever.

Today I considered how many other owners my car has had, I don't know, but I imagine it's quite a few.

Who were these people who once drove my car and where did she travel to? It's a fascinating concept thinking about an unknown history of a vehicle, one that has lived through the political upheavals, social upheaval, and the cultural and motoring changes of the last four decades.

She could have been largely neglected by one owner and then loved by the next owner, she could have been treated roughly by one and left out in the elements or have lived in a garage. Its the randomness of life and people that makes these cars truly lucky cars.

It boggles the mind when you think about the momentus events the car might have been part of ...perhaps the conception of a life, a bank robbery,inadvertently killing somebody or simply transporting a happy family about the suburbs.

Regardless of what life a classic car has lived, one thing remains...they are all truly lucky cars.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cocktail Nation 231 The Dionysus Records Story

On the show this week we talk to the number one record man for the retro and lounge scene Lee Joseph from Dionysus records, we examine why Don Draper is the epitome of lounge Got some cool retro airline and hostess flight bags.


Tikiyaki Orchestra Theme For Jetsetters
Royal Crown Revue- Brazil
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited  Follow The Duke
Orchestra Superstring Easy
Robert Drasnin -Desiree
Beverly Kenney-Undecided
OSS117- Rio Magic
Dinah Washington – Mad About The Boy
Grace Knight – Don’t Know Much About Love

Billy May-I’ll Have To Change My Plan
Skip Heller-Lonely
Doris Day – Desafinado
Martini Heaven Alcoholiday
Jackie Gleason- Ruby
Lena Horne – Day In-Day Out

Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Don Draper IS Lounge

When it comes to Lounge culture there is a man who really does epitomise the culture through and through. Don Draper.
The character of Don Draper is that he is a guy that looks great in formalwear,business wear and casualwear He has great taste in clothes and has great taste in women, he has money, is successful, confident, well groomed and basically he looks a million bucks.
Even the women he goes for have that certain x factor. However, when he broke up with Betty,and thank God he did,we discovered his taste in furniture is somewhat ordinary.
The bachelor pad he had in New York city was kind of boring, whilst fairly spacious it had that kind of dark and man brooding cave thing going on,but it suited his needs and let's face it was an apartment that was fully furnished not something you chose.
In season five he married Meagan and moved into a sweet pad that's because of her taste of course.
Megan to me is a bit of a disappointing scenario that I don't think Don is the kinda guy who should be married. He is a bachelor and just needs to accept that fact.
He only married Meagan because one part of his life he cannnot handle well, is his kids. He simply cant relate to them, and needs a woman to take care of that part of his life.
Sure he is good at handling business mergers, difficult clients difficult,employees difficult,employers but when it comes to his kids,he struggles in that area
Really he needed to pay for a babysitter and a cleaner and he would've had everything he wanted along with all the women he could possibly wanted.

Sure Don Draper's a fictional character but there is something to take away from his persona.
He is controlling,takes care of business, and he is very stylish, so to me there is something that we can all learn from Don Draper

Let's talk about his treatment of women which many people find appalling, but I personally think he handles his female relationships very very well.
His approach to dating and relationships is that he moves on as soon as it doesn't work anymore and he never loses sight of who he is and his true individuality

As a man he is not the kind of guy is gonna be under the thumb from the little woman. Sure, Betty tried and failed at the end of the day. Don rebelled and truly showed his real character and real value as an independent man.

Don Draper is the epitome of lounge, he's cool, classy,intelligent, well off and a true independent and decisive man.

Cocktail Nation 230 Tiki Location,Location,Location

On the show this week we talk to a listener of the show who has something very interesting to sell and he has asked for my help.
Got a cool website to check out plus, the story of a man reunited with his 1967 Austin Healey after forty two years.


Nutty Same Old Song And Scat
Spy Fi Zambezik
Martin Denny Jungle Flower
Martini Kings Days Of Wine And Roses
Sunday Combo Sit Back
Julie London Girl Talk
Pink Martini Yuuzuki
Oscar Peterson Con Alma
Ruth Cameron Something Cool
Angie Hubbard Cheek To Cheek
Octobop Minor Yours
Robert Hicks It's Crazy
Vicki Carr Like Love

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cocktail Nation 229-Sunday Combo

On the show this week we talk to the creator of the Sunday combo. I've got aninteresting website from a listener by the name of Christina to tell you about plus there is the death of Ernest Borgnine and some developments on the Natalie Wood case.


Ricki Derek Melt With You
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Street Scene
Sunday Combo Womp
Martini Kings You Only Live Twice
Frank Sinatra More
Pink Martini City Of Night
Seth Mac Farlane Is Music Better Than Words
Dave Bruebeck Autumn In New York
Richard Cheese Spiderman
SG Sound Red Desert Springs
Les Baxter The Other Side Of The Moon
Arthur Lyman Cubana Chant
Walter Wanderly Forget Domani
The Naughty Ones I Dig Your Vodooo
Billy May Your the Top

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cocktail Nation 228 Palm Springs Serenade

On the show this week Tony Marsico from the Martini Kings swings by to let us know about a brand new Martini Kings vinyl release and launch party, speaking of new releases,word from another fave band of mine that has one coming our way, will bring you the goss on that one . Got the best parties and gigs from across the globe and an interesting book about the real Mad Men


Joel Altruda Playboys Theme
Henry Mancini Something for Cat
Lenny Dee Moonglow and Theme from Picnic
Howard Shore Ed Wood Main Title
Combustible Edison Call of the Space Siren
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited The Case
Vic Flick Copacibinsky
Trudy Pitts Take Five
Paul Phillips I Only Have Eyes For You
Cal Tjader- The Way You Look Tonight
Grace Knight Your Cheatin Heart
Tony Bennett - Wave

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Martini Kings Album

The Martini Kings’ first vinyl LP, Palm Springs Serenade, will be released by Dionysus Records on July 10. The LP features cover art by SHAG. The band will play a record release party (and closing for Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker’s art show) at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on July 29, details here.

With over eight self-released CDs and gigs-a-plenty, it’s about time that Los Angeles based jazzy-retro-exotica-bossa-nova-cocktail-lounge combo The Martini Kings make an appearance on the beloved vinyl format. In their professional existence, The Martini Kings have performed events for the likes of Clint Eastwood, Stephen King, The Getty Center, Mattel and Universal Studios, had their music in HBO’s “Entourage” and made an appearance during the Malibu cliff-top wedding scene in the ”Six Feet Under’‘ season curtain-raiser. The Martini Kings’ Marsico brothers have performed in backing groups with Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Marianne Faithful. Martini Kings bassist Tony Marsico was in East LA punk legends The Plugz and The Cruzados, and played bass behind Bob Dylan on David Letterman’s show.

Their pro-resume aside, The Martini Kings are also loved among tiki and retro aficionados and are a staple at the yearly Tiki Oasis weekender, numerous burlesque, lounge events and backyard tiki parties. They have the technique and sound down to a fine art and in the process inject equal amounts of heart and soul into their craft. The instrumentation is centered around vibes, stand-up bass and percussion with tasty arrangements including piano, guitar, wind and stringed instruments.

“Palm Springs Serenade” is a collection of the group’s favorite tracks from their CD releases and features a track recorded with lounge legend and former Rat Pack member Buddy Greco. The art of their pal SHAG adorns the album cover and visually fits the combo’s sound from top to bottom. And, the sound on this album which was cut on a vintage Scully lathe with the legendary Westrex B3 stereo cutting head is huge and open with lots of warm low-end. The album jacket is printed vintage style; front cover slick on thick board… this is not your ordinary one piece fabricated album jacket but the Martini Kings / SHAG combination deserves no less. A coupon for a digital download is included in this package.

Black vinyl 180 gram LPs will be shipped to Dionysus Records’ distribuor, ILD (Independent Label Distribution). A limited edition of 100 CLEAR VINYL LPs will be avalible from the band and through Dionysus Records Mailorder only – on JULY 10!

Dionysus Mail Order:


Martini Kings release party info: