Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swank Advice Don't ask because you won't like the answer

This week I received an email from a listener who wanted to know whether or not I make any money out of my radio show and asking me all manner of questions about how I make a buck. He wanted to know how he could achieve a similar way of life.

It always amazes me how people can often ask the most personal questions and are often surprised if you are short or angry at them.

You asked me a question about my personal and company finances, you ask me a question about how you can achieve what I have and you are surprised that I might be somewhat offended.

Now this person had just finished College so I can understand that there is often a massive difference on values when it comes to the generational gap and it certainly makes me wonder how this person will get through life when he starts to ask his boss questions like this in the corporate.

Time after time at parties and functions I have been horrified by what people determine good and stimulating conversation. Religion, Politics and money are massive social taboos and I can think of about another twenty off the top of my head. You can actually avoid all the taboos and still. Have stimulating conversation without having to dumb it down to nothingness.
If you do stray into those areas that are likely to offend or embarrass then simply back out and move onto something else. All those involved in the conversation will be pleased that you did.

There are some things you just never bring up.

Koop Kooper