Friday, June 22, 2012

Life In The Penthouse -Album Review- Nutty

Hand delivered to the Penthouse Lounge room, the latest album from one of my favourite lounge acts of the City Of Angels, Nutty.
Their second album is called Jetsetter Jazz The Persuasive Sounds of Nutty and it is one of those albums that you will throw on the Hi Fi and you will constantly be uttering the sounds of "ahh" and "yeah" as you realise what they are doing.

This is not your typical lounge band, there's no simple cover songs of a pop or rock act that is then replicated and reproduced with a lounge feel.
There are covers but they are immersed in clever arrangements and intelligent switching of chords and themes.

Take for example one of my favourites on the album,which is Manteca in a bottle which is the old Dizzy Gillespie tune ...this song morphs into the Police 1979 hit "Message in a Bottle" and then they take the theme of bottles with messages and desolate islands and suddenly are belting out the Gilligans Island theme.
This is a constant of the album that really gets you thinking about what it is that they are doing. In fact I think this could be the most musically intellectual album of 2012!

When I caught up with the lead singer Sonny Moon on my radio show The Cocktail Nation he told me that Nutty is Classic Jazz merged with Classic Rock in a most ingenious way and that they really aren't the kind of jazz band that takes themselves too seriously. Well I would have to agree whole heatedly.

This is a truly brilliant album that swings like a gate and has a sophistication that we expect of lounge music. I can guarantee you that you will love this album from the minute to hear it and you too will utter "ahh" and "yeah" from the minute the first track comes on.