Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cocktail Nation 226 Unholy Rabble

This week on the show we catch up with Rohan Pugh from www.careless with a big announcement from him, lots of new music plus the world of swank with a stack of gigs to check out including a huge Tikiyaki orchestra

Nutty The Impossible Past
Robert Hicks Bongo Fever
Shagxotica Blue Scooter
Jimmy Vargas Ghosting
Al Caiola The Man from Uncle Spies
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Space Mission 12
Octobop Jazz Wagner
Esquivel Cachita
Billy May Girl Talk
Royal Crown Revue Datin With No Dough
Sally Street When In Rome
Chet Baker Tenderly
Beverly Kenney Undecided
Doris Day imagination
Si Zentner Charade
Spy Fi Espia En Vacaciones