Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cocktail Nation 227 A New Tiki Bar

This week on the show we talk to a tiki carver by name of Marcus Thorn who has some big news for us about his latest project, I've got a new gadget for your bachelor pad that will give you that technological gadgeted up pad

Spy Fi WEB Theme
Leonard Nimoy Music To Watch Girls By
Jerry Sun Tiki
Don Tiki Heat
Howard Roberts LOVE
Wynton Marsalis Hackensack
Tikiyaki Orchestra Black Sand
Luiz Bonfa Bossa Nova Cha Cha
John Barry Kinky
Nutty- Five Nights
Diana Krall Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
Robert Hicks That Was The End Of Me
Hugo Montenegro Theme from I Spy

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cocktail Nation 226 Unholy Rabble

This week on the show we catch up with Rohan Pugh from www.careless with a big announcement from him, lots of new music plus the world of swank with a stack of gigs to check out including a huge Tikiyaki orchestra

Nutty The Impossible Past
Robert Hicks Bongo Fever
Shagxotica Blue Scooter
Jimmy Vargas Ghosting
Al Caiola The Man from Uncle Spies
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Space Mission 12
Octobop Jazz Wagner
Esquivel Cachita
Billy May Girl Talk
Royal Crown Revue Datin With No Dough
Sally Street When In Rome
Chet Baker Tenderly
Beverly Kenney Undecided
Doris Day imagination
Si Zentner Charade
Spy Fi Espia En Vacaciones

Friday, June 22, 2012

Life In The Penthouse -Album Review- Nutty

Hand delivered to the Penthouse Lounge room, the latest album from one of my favourite lounge acts of the City Of Angels, Nutty.
Their second album is called Jetsetter Jazz The Persuasive Sounds of Nutty and it is one of those albums that you will throw on the Hi Fi and you will constantly be uttering the sounds of "ahh" and "yeah" as you realise what they are doing.

This is not your typical lounge band, there's no simple cover songs of a pop or rock act that is then replicated and reproduced with a lounge feel.
There are covers but they are immersed in clever arrangements and intelligent switching of chords and themes.

Take for example one of my favourites on the album,which is Manteca in a bottle which is the old Dizzy Gillespie tune ...this song morphs into the Police 1979 hit "Message in a Bottle" and then they take the theme of bottles with messages and desolate islands and suddenly are belting out the Gilligans Island theme.
This is a constant of the album that really gets you thinking about what it is that they are doing. In fact I think this could be the most musically intellectual album of 2012!

When I caught up with the lead singer Sonny Moon on my radio show The Cocktail Nation he told me that Nutty is Classic Jazz merged with Classic Rock in a most ingenious way and that they really aren't the kind of jazz band that takes themselves too seriously. Well I would have to agree whole heatedly.

This is a truly brilliant album that swings like a gate and has a sophistication that we expect of lounge music. I can guarantee you that you will love this album from the minute to hear it and you too will utter "ahh" and "yeah" from the minute the first track comes on.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Modern Day Bachelor Pad

Back in the 1960′s there were many bachelor pad films about and one of the key fantasy parts of this model was the fully decked out, technologically advanced bachelor pads. The reality of these films that it was pretty much impossible for the average guy to have one of these bachelor pads.
Sure there might have been some rich guys who might have had access to this kind of gadgetry but the fact remains that a cat on an average wage might have had a nice pad but he couldn’t have recreated what he saw the big screen.

Well the good news is that you and I live in the 21st century, yes I know, sometimes living in modern times does have it s down side such as rude people, people who think flip flops are appropriate footwear for nights out on the town and people who think the fbomb is appropriate language for all occasions.
Regardless, the 21st century has brought the future to our door, granted I still don’t own a flying car or a jet pack as promised by the Jetsons.

Today thanks to modern technology you can actually create a fully decked out Bachelor Pad that will impress your date. A company called Belkin has recently invented a gadget that can remotely control your apartment cheaply and easily.Belkins WeMo Switch can to trigger devices in your pad with motion. Just place the WeMo Motion sensor wherever you like, connect it to a WeMo Switch controlling a light, and that light goes on whenever you pass by. With WeMo Motion, appliances wake up and perform their tasks when you get near them, and go to sleep when you leave.
There’s a free WeMo app so,that you can tell your Switches and Motion Sensors what to do, and when to do it. You can name every item you’re controlling with WeMo, even take its picture and have that appear next to its name.

With wireless technology you can have your music play through every room in the pad, you can have a robotic vacuum cleaner tidy your digs while you are out and about on the town.

Modern remote control units like the WeMo make setting the mood, quickly and allow you to set the mood and impress your date.
I encourage you to check out the possibilities of marrying technology and bachelor pad swankness together in your lair.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cocktail Nation 224 Don Tiki Big Show

This week on the show we talk to Fluid Floyd from Don Tiki who is going to tell us about a big show coming up at the end of the year. on a new bio pick coming out about Liz Taylor and you will never guess who is going to play her, got a stack of new gigs coming your way plus the best lounge and exotica as we broadcast across the world via the Sydney penthouse.

Halford Jet Set Tema De Anna
Clouseaux Miserlou
Don Tiki Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha
Jimmy Vargas Live Black Dahlia
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica Colorado Waltz
Martini Kings Desifinado
Jonah Jones Whatever Lola Wants
Mancini Alright Ok You Win
Octobop Playboys theme
Ludovic Bource Panic Plane
Lea Delaria Welcome to My Party
Lalo Schifrin Mission Impossible

Cocktail Nation 225 Nutty

Got a real swinger stepping into the show tonight in that of Sonny Moon of Nutty fame. We'll catch up with a promoter of a new event in the mountains around Sydney , there are some new releases to check out along with the best Lounge and Exotica from across the planet.

Don Tiki Primitiva
Janet Seidel Slow Hot Wind
Nutty Purple Panther
Jimmy Vargas Lust Angeles
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited The Bossa Nova Squad.
Orchestra Superstring Easy
Martini Kings Nylon Jungle
Frank Sinatra That's Life
James Morrison The Call
Waitiki The Magic Islands
Stan Getz Penthouse Serenade
Robert Hicks Richard Diamond Theme

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swank Advice Don't ask because you won't like the answer

This week I received an email from a listener who wanted to know whether or not I make any money out of my radio show and asking me all manner of questions about how I make a buck. He wanted to know how he could achieve a similar way of life.

It always amazes me how people can often ask the most personal questions and are often surprised if you are short or angry at them.

You asked me a question about my personal and company finances, you ask me a question about how you can achieve what I have and you are surprised that I might be somewhat offended.

Now this person had just finished College so I can understand that there is often a massive difference on values when it comes to the generational gap and it certainly makes me wonder how this person will get through life when he starts to ask his boss questions like this in the corporate.

Time after time at parties and functions I have been horrified by what people determine good and stimulating conversation. Religion, Politics and money are massive social taboos and I can think of about another twenty off the top of my head. You can actually avoid all the taboos and still. Have stimulating conversation without having to dumb it down to nothingness.
If you do stray into those areas that are likely to offend or embarrass then simply back out and move onto something else. All those involved in the conversation will be pleased that you did.

There are some things you just never bring up.

Koop Kooper