Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to restore the sound quality of your records

When it comes to record collecting there is nothing better than a great find in a charity store. Getting that record home, checking out the cover and then putting the needle on the record and hearing that sweet sound for the first time. Sometimes that sound will be a little scratchy and a little hissy which can be a little disappointing.
Most of us these days have some software to fix audio from records, and for the most past it does a great job. However, I thoroughly recommend a magical product from an Australian inventor called Record Revirginizer.Cary Stoddard is the inventor and I spoke to this amazing man on my radio show, The Cocktail Nation, and ever since then I have become a convert.
The stuff is so easy to use and delivers such great results. Simply take some clean paper, place it on a flat table, then take you record and place it on the clean paper. You then simply pour a small amount of Record Revirginizer in a full circle around the record, spread it out attach a tab of paper to help remove the product. You then leave it over night and repeat on side B.
Basically it cleans the grooves of the record when you remove the hard product the next day by literally pulling any gunk out of the grooves plus it removes static from the record.
Try it and you will find that the sound quality of your records will be amazingly restored, delivering a wonderful clarity of sound just as if the record was brand new. Check it out today