Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cocktail Nation 218- The Master Plan

Well I am back from another vacation, this time to a beautiful resort in a place three hours north of Sydney called Nelson bay, the weather was terrible last week in Sydney so I saddled p the 65 Valiant and headed out of town to this fantastic beachside suburb. Speaking of fantastic we talk to one of the most popular jazz musicians in Australia, I'll play a track from an album I picked up from the charity stores in Nelson Bay,lots of gigs to check out along with the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.

Marita Brake-Shaken Not Stirred

Martini Heaven- Tango Zingo

James Morison -The Master Plan

Loudvic Bource -Spicy Spy

Les Baxter-Sword Dance

Enoch Light -Knowing When To Leave

Pink Martini Saori Yuki-Blue Light Yokohama

Mr Hos Orchestrotica-Frenesi

Halford Jetset-Out Of This World

Tony Bennett -Blue Velvet with Kd Lang

Lalo Schifrin -Barney Does It All

Ixrahule- Exotic Sounds of Ixtahule

Wynton Marsalis - A Hundred and a Hundred and Twelve

David Rose Orchestra -Tenderly

Jackie Gleason -Guilty

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to restore the sound quality of your records

When it comes to record collecting there is nothing better than a great find in a charity store. Getting that record home, checking out the cover and then putting the needle on the record and hearing that sweet sound for the first time. Sometimes that sound will be a little scratchy and a little hissy which can be a little disappointing.
Most of us these days have some software to fix audio from records, and for the most past it does a great job. However, I thoroughly recommend a magical product from an Australian inventor called Record Revirginizer.Cary Stoddard is the inventor and I spoke to this amazing man on my radio show, The Cocktail Nation, and ever since then I have become a convert.
The stuff is so easy to use and delivers such great results. Simply take some clean paper, place it on a flat table, then take you record and place it on the clean paper. You then simply pour a small amount of Record Revirginizer in a full circle around the record, spread it out attach a tab of paper to help remove the product. You then leave it over night and repeat on side B.
Basically it cleans the grooves of the record when you remove the hard product the next day by literally pulling any gunk out of the grooves plus it removes static from the record.
Try it and you will find that the sound quality of your records will be amazingly restored, delivering a wonderful clarity of sound just as if the record was brand new. Check it out today

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cocktail Nation 217-Australian Modern Magazine

This week on the Cocktail Nation we talk to the editor of brand new mid century modern magazine, more new music from Pink Martini and a band I just discovered called the Sunday Combo. Got lots of new gigs to check out and some Bond news for you!

Tikiyaki Orchestra - Hawai'i Nocturn
Loudvic Bource-La Grande Souplesse
Frank Wess Blues for a Playmate
Esquivel & His Orchestra - Jungle Drum
Jimmy Vargas-Stacato
Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream
Tony Bennett - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) - with Queen Latifah.
Sunday Combo - Sit Back
Bobby Hackett—Flamingo
Halford Jetset-Tema de Anna
Jackie Gleason- Somebody Loves Me

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cocktail Nation 216 Silencers

good friend of the show Kramer joins us again as we take a look at some bachelor pad loungin films...this weeks is the Matt Helm series as we check out the Silencers, I've got requests flying into the penthouse so we will play some of those tonight, plus new music from Pink Martini, Jimmy Vargas and Sally Street and a mystery artist with an interesting story.

Karen Souza Tainted Love
Pink Martini & Saori Yuki - Kisetso no Ashioto
Vicki Carr-Silencers
Brian Setzer-Lonely Avenue
Ella Fitzgerald- Mas Que Nada
Mancini The Brothers Go To Mothers
Oscar Peterson-Dreamsville
Vic Damone Poinciana
Diana Krall -The Look Of Love
Jimmy Vargas -Noirotika
Martini Madness Coquette
Ada Lee- Romance in the Dark
Herbie Mann-Fever
Sally Street Chocolate Bliss
Halford Jetset Sparkling

Friday, April 13, 2012

Time and Place for everything (or why people have no clue

Time and Place for everything (or why people have no clue)

A couple of nights ago I was at a charity fundraiser . The majority of people were wearing business suit and tie. Seated at my table was a young sales representative from a Sydney radio station who was wearing a casual shirt and jeans. Of course we ribbed him about it, he was clearly embarrassed and yet he remained at the table albeited somewhat uncomfortable.
Personally I would have left or disappeared quietly to come back properly dressed. Clearly he is clueless and has no idea how to read an invitation.

Last night I was in an upmarket bar overlooking the Sydney harbour bridge, a nice little place called the Horizon bar at the Shangrila hotel and my table was joined by some football friends of one of my party. The language and the stories that these Neanderthals used was atrocious. These are locker room stories and locker room language, not one for upmarket bars where there are ladies. I'm not a fuddy duddy, but you have to draw the line. I quietly excused myself and moved to another table with other people I knew.
Clearly these football meat heads are clueless when it comes to social graces.

Yesterday I drove past a train station and saw a woman get out of her car to close the trunk after kissing her husband goodbye. She was wearing her pyjamas with a nightgown and big fluffy slippers, her hair was in curlers. If this is the way she says goodbye to her partner I hope that he has some action going on at the office . I also hope her car breaks down at a busy intersection so she will have to get out and will suffer the embarrassment of being dressed inappropriatly. Clearly this woman is a lazy slob who is clueless when it comes to getting dressed to leave your house. Did she intend on going back to bed as soon as she got home?

Yesterday I was jogging along the waterfront next to the Parramatta River when two middle aged women with poodles came towards me, I moved to the left to pass them by and I noticed that they themselves continued to walk taking up the whole sidewalk and not budging an inch for me to pass. They seemed to think I would move to the side and onto the grass.
I kept on going and as I ran past one of the women shouldered me, I gored this rude act and kept going but it made me think to myself how strange and selfish these two old biddies were. I had conceded the path and moved to the side but this didn't matter to them, they felt they have a right to own the sidewalk and how dare a runner take their space.
Clearly these women are selfish and conceited in their space in the big bad city and whilst on this occasion nothing was said or done I can guarantee that a more aggressive person will have some harsh words with them. Their day is coming.

There is a time and place for everything in this big wonderful world of ours and when people get this fact they can truly evolve to a greater species. Till then I guess we need to handle the weak and feeble minded with grace and simply move on for they know not what they do.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cocktail Nation 215 -Fight Card

This week we enter the murky world of boxing as we talk to Paul Bishop, an LA Homicide Detective turned boxing pulp writer and blogger. I have a letter from a listener which vindicates me plus new music on the way from a gal called Marita Brake.

Jimmy Vargas Desolation

George shearing days of Wine and Roses

Jack Costanzo Latin Fever

Dom Halpin Mambo

George Dunning Lilly and Julien

Jane Russell Love For Sale

Marita Brake Shaken Not Stirred

James Bond Quartet Moonraker

Beverly Kenney Lover like you

SG sound Escapade Velocity

James Morrison the master plan

Oscar Peterson Bags groove