Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cocktail Nation 211-Lover Come Back

This week on the show we talk to our movie man Kramer on all things bachelor pad lounging movies,this week looking at the Doris Day Rock Hudson film Lover come back new music from Pink Martini and Jimmy Vargas, news on an article I wrote for a major lounge magazine.

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Konos Revenge
John Barry 7-From Russia With Love
Doris Day Lover Come Back
Martini Kings-Winds Of Waikola
Spy Fi- Spy on Vacation
Jimmy Vargas -Desolation
Buddy Cole-Accent Youth
Mantovani-Latin Rendezvous
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica- Autumn Digging Dance
Jonah Jones-Whatever Lola Wants John
Zorn-Tiki For Blue
Billy May-Love Is The Thing
Annie Ross-You Took Advantage Of Me
Tony Bennett with Josh Groban Stranger in Paradise
Mark Copeland-I Love Paris
Pink Martini-Mas Que Nada