Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Pad (and how to use it)

On wednesday night I was djing at the Blue Beat in Double Bay Sydney, it was a wonderful night with the crowds growing every single week which is fantastic plus we now have an extension of a month at this stage so swing on by and dig the crazy lounge and exotica that I will be spinning, plus we have Sydneys Best Lounge acts on stage.

I love events like these because I get to meet new and old listeners . This week I got to meet Duke Normando, who has been listening pretty much since the start in 2007.

Duke kindly brought me a gift that he had picked up in a country town ….a rare poster from the 1966 film ‘The Pad and How to Use It”

The only downside about a gift like this is that now I am plagued by intrigue and simply have to find this movie. At this stage no luck, but the Hunt begins.

This is one of the reasons I love what I do and the vintage/retro lifestyle I live.

As Mr Ho from the Orchestrotica once pointed out, this is a discovery group,and for me this is what it has always been. That’s part of the fun of retro living, hunting for that next thing you heard about or saw. Does it ever stop, well no, the mid 2oth Century was a huge cultural period that covered so many aspects of life.

So the hunt begins! Can you help me!!

The PAD and how to Use it-A shy lover (Brian Bedford) of classical music turns to his playboy buddy (James Farentino) for advice on how to woo a woman (Julie Sommars).