Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cocktail Nation 195-Virtual Tiki Bar


This week we find out a virtual tiki bar, there’s another period tv show set in 1959 this time in Miami coming your way and I’ve got a away that you can get a brand new 1965 Mustang…and would you like to buy a tiki bar….I know where you can buy one.



Tikiyaki Orch- La Hula Rhumba
Tiki Joes Ocean-Rio De Jean
Clouseux-Monkey with The Golden Fez
Jack Jones -Strangers in the Night
Jackie Gleason -When Your Lover is Gone
Spy Fi-Dragnett 007
Vibes on Velvet -Ink Mysterioso
Oscar Peterson-Body and Soul
Antonio Carlos Jobim-One Note Samba
Waitiki 7-Left Arm Of Budda
Vicki Carr-Like Love