Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cocktail Nation 194-Manvotional

This week we find out about a new book for men called the Manvotional book, we check out Sydneys first skyscraper, and swank advice on keeping your social dance card full in review with Koop we take a look at an album out of 1961 with three very talented men.


Dom Halpin-Mambo
Frank Bennett-You’re Just Too Hip Baby
Acca Daquiris-Cocaine
Arthur Lyman-Busy Port
Actual Rafiq-Lunar Lounge Lizard
Cocktail Preachers-A Taste Of Honey
Three Suns-Fever
Vicki Carr-My Melencholy Baby
HB Radke-Live until I die
Henry Mancini-Call Me Irresponsible
Alvino Rey-I Love Paris
Tony Bennett With KD Lang-Blue Velvet