Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cocktail Nation 190-Shelley Berman’s Party

This week we get to sit back and enjoy some classic comedy once again from Shelley Berman, we find out about a Beatnik Festival that is taking place in Texas of all places. News on the debut of a couple of tv shows that are possible favourites of Cocktail Nation listeners, I have news from across the globe and some sad news in the ending of a great tradition in Spain. Our swank advice column is back on the air as we take a look your wheels. Plus we review a new book about being a Chap.

Huey Mogan and Jools Holland -Fly Me to the Moon
Frank Bennett-Been Caught Stealin
Dave Brubeck-Take five
George Shearing -The Days of Wine and Roses
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Aloha Baby
Jimmy Vargas -Beaut-Evil
Ken Nordine-I Used to Think My Right hand was uglier than my left
Tony Bennett and Lady Ga Ga -Lady is the Tramp
Martini Kings-Missing the Maui
SG Sound-Palm Springs Overdrive
MR Ho's Orchestrotica- Lonesome Aku of Alewife
Jackie Gleason-But Not For Me
Anita Oday-Them There Eyes
Peggy Lee-Black Coffee
Waitiki-Hula Lady