Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life in the Penthouse-A Roast or a burnt offering


The Charlie Sheen Roast was big ratings winner across the world but the question as to be asked, was it funny,was it clever….well I would have to say no.

After seeing the Roasts that took place back in the sixties I would say that the Charlie Sheen Roast was probably one of the most vulgar, mean and unfunny events I have ever seen.

The constant drug jokes about coke was extremely annoying and not funny unless of course you are a coke fiend, the jokes about taking a knife to a hooker were disturbing and the cavalier attitude to Charlie’s domestic abuse and hospitalization was simply uncomfortable and bizarre.

Maybe I am getting old, but I find it absurd that a man who has lived life to the extreme and has made many poor choices is being celebrated in such a fashion.

Not only was the show a celebration of drug culture but it was also not very relatable for the majority of the population.
Average normal people don’t use Cocaine and if they do it’s not to the same proportion as a guy who earns 25 million a year.

It seems to me that Charlie Sheen and the other Hollywood types that make it into the tabloids on a week by week basis are clearly living in a very different world to the general population, a world where hookers and coke are the norm when it simply isn’t. Sure movie stars have always been held up high and by the general public but I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to hold someone like Charlie Sheen on high when most of the time it seems that he is high.

At the end of the day The Roast was a faint reminder of the Roasts of days gone by, I guess the humour that we once enjoyed is now long gone and a Roast like the Charlie Sheen roasts firmly punchs the nails in the coffin of the traditional roast.