Friday, September 2, 2011

Cocktail Nation 186-Armed and Gorgeous

Well on the show this week we talk to Bill Raetz the author of the World Espionage Bureau series  who has a new book coming out shortly, swank advice on the two people you don’t want at a party.
And a look at the world of swank with the coolest places to party, in review with Koop a new box set of very cool late sixties spy series, and we take a look at a movie from 1961 and a cd that’s still available.



Pink Martini- Mar Desconocido
Jennifer Keith -An Occasional Man
Spy Fi-Web Theme
Linda Lawson--But Beautiful
Les Baxter-Simba
Frank Sinatra/ Jobim How insensitive
Kenny Sasaki-Quiet Volcano
Orchestra Superstring- Waterbed
Mancini- Bachelor In Paradise
Jimmy Vargas-A Blue Negligee
Jackie Gleason-Cherry
Billy May-Invitation
Living Strings-The Time For Love is Anytime
Martini Kings-Goodbye To A Lonely Town
Naughty Ones -Azure Te