Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life In The Penthouse-The Gentle Man

Growing up I was like most young men I was often an angry and opinionated man. As I’ve aged I’ve started to mellow to become a more of a laid back kinda cat. But like I said for many years I would fly off the handle when things didn’t go my way and I guess working in a radio station doesn’t really help that much when that kind of behaviour is seen as perfectly acceptable.



I remember working at a talkback radio station where it was even more acceptable to behave like a jerk, infact if you didn’t then management really would not have thought that you care enough, they wanted passionate opinionated people and the more of a loudmouth pushy SOB you were then the better. I’ve managed to reduce producers to tears to bring them into line, I’ve screamed at sales reps to get out of my studio and I have threatened to sue the CEO and his management in a meeting. Oh, yeah, real jerk. But, to my defence the world of commercial radio is a really tough wilderness and after getting pushed around in my early days of radio I decided that I had to be the big dog in the building.

Do I regret this behaviour, well no, not really, it was necessary to survive and survive I did, but still, I would prefer to be liked than feared.

Those days are long gone and now as I work as a voiceover guy and producing the Cocktail Nation I live a more relaxed lifestyle and that is certainly better for my health and happiness.

Every now and then as I wander through the halls of radio stations to voice a commercial I hear screaming from an office, doors being slammed and raised voices behind boardroom walls and it makes me glad I don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore.

Recently I saw it in action in the street as a guy crossing the road had a car turn onto him, and it gave him a bit of a fright. Now nobody got hurt, the traffic was slow, there really wasn’t a chance of anyone getting injured but this guy carried on about it just like he had lost a leg.

Fact is he hadn’t, it was all good, nothing was wrong and he was just fine. It got me thinking about how people can over react to situations.

I was very guilty of this , but now I always try and make the conscious decision to stop, think and choose my course of action.

I guess what I am saying is that nowadays I don’t have a default mode when things go wrong.If I was to think of myself as a computer I have several settings.

I’m still not a pushover, and never will be, but my days of being quick to anger are well over, unless of course I have to get back into commercial radio!