Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Takes A Thief



One of the last major spy shows from the 1960s waiting for release is finally coming out- It Takes a Thief- starring Robert Wagner as cat burger-turned-spy! The complete series will be released in a box set on October 11th by Entertainment One, and will include all three seasons, interviews with cast/crew, pilot episode, a collectible photo book, and more. The current price on Amazon is a bit high at $179.99, but we'll keep keep our eye out for deals. Amazon has often made The Man From U.N.C.L.E. box set, also a high-ticket item, available at a discount.

Del Taco To Be Re-Designed

On August 12th, Landmarks Association received a notification via e-mail of a public meeting concerning the planning process of 212 South Grand (Del Taco). The meeting led by Alderwoman Marlene Davis and developer Rick Yackey was intended to be held at the former Del Taco at 6PM with 45 minutes dedicated to public comment.



The limited details in the public announcement left many scratching their heads of the nature of the meeting. Minutes before the scheduled meeting, preservation minded individuals and various reporters were asking each other what the meeting could be about. It could either go two ways; a statement on the demolition of the former gas station or a proposed redevelopment to attract new tenants.

Davis and Yackey arrived joking about tacos and burritos with the assembled crowd who sat on sticky red plastic benches in front of the vacant building. Within minutes, the meeting began. Davis spoke of the due diligence she and Yackey exhibited in finding an appropriate use for the building. She stated her pleasure with Yackey's planning process to date but patience was needed as a plan evolved. This meeting was intended to be the beginning of a series of public gatherings to inform the populous of the progress of 212 S. Grand.

Once Davis explained the purpose of the meeting, Yackey took the floor. The developer illustrated his comment to preservation by listing his rehab successes which resulted in saving over two million square feet of historic property. He wants to continue that commitment by adaptively re-using 212 S. Grand. The original plans from 1967 are in his possession and he is working with architects to redesign the former gas station without destroying its integrity. Yackey believes a re-use is feasible and getting a return on his investment looks promising. This a far cry from his sentiment two months ago at the Board of Aldermen Housing, Urban Planning and Zoning Committee meeting. At that time, Yackey believed the current building had limited parking and square footage and finding another entity to occupy the space would be a challenge. He stated that he wanted to create something that would be more compatible for new tenants. Thus, razing 212 S. Grand for new construction to attract nationally known tenants.

Yackey's is still trying to attract nationally known tenants even with the interest of local businesses including Pi Pizzeria and Kaldi's Coffee. The probability of one of these local retailers occupying the former Del Taco was questioned by a member of the crowd. Davis stated neither local retailers contacted Yackey. Yackey confirmed this statement at last night's meeting.

The change in heart from the developer and alderwoman is reassuring that the public outcry against the demolition of this contributing resource of the Council Plaza Historic District was effective. Several more buildings around the St. Louis metropolitan area, such as Brownhurst in Kirkwood, AAA Building on Lindell, the Rock Hill Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill and many more are threatened with the wrecking ball that Del Taco narrowly escaped. The quest to save the historic fabric of our built environment continues. For now, it appears one has been saved.

A second meeting has been scheduled on September 14th at 6pm at the same location. Renderings of the proposed redesign are scheduled to be at hand for public viewing at this meeting.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cocktail Nation 185-Tiki Oasis Report

Well on the show this week we get a report on Tiki Oasis which just finished up last week, news on a comeback by Doris Day, in review with Koop we talk about a new book by Shirley Maclaine plus the best lounge and Exotica from across the globe.

Karen Souza-Tainted Love
Frank Bennett-Pretend That Were Dead
Clouseaux-Destination- Oasis
Mr Ho’s Orchestra-Frenesi
Lalo Schifrin—Barney Does It All
Stan Getz-Penthouse Serenade
Orchestra Superstring- No Sho
.Melody Gardot- The Rain
Martini Kings-Girl From Ipanema
Jackie Gleason-Ruby
Duke Ellington-Way Early Subtone
Belmonte and His Afro American Music-Caravan
Janet Seidel-Midnight Sun
Naughty Ones -Azure Te

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Swank Advice-In Love with a Beautiful Woman


a letter to the Cocktail Nation this week from Andy in Capetown who writes...dear Koop.


I have been seeing this gorgeous girl on and off for about six months now. We are having a long distance relationship and she also happens to be a burlesque performer. I recently travelled to a show with her but was really put off by the amout of men learing at her. I have tried to keep my jealous feelings from showing but it's really tough. When we do meet up it's often when she is performing and it's really hard to make a connection. what should I do.

Well as Doctor Hook says "when you're in love with a beautiful woman you go it alone". Every time I hear that song I remember this Scandinavian model I dated. She was probably the most attractive woman I had ever been with at that time. Men would walk into lamp posts on the street looking at her.

Once we were in DC and she wore these really tight hot pants out shopping while I went to work. I watched her go from my hotel window and straight away some guy follows her. I always felt that everyman was after her. It was painful. Nowadays I have a far more cavalier attitude to women so my care factor is very low.

Thing I have learnt is that women won't respect you if you pine for them and if you feel threatened then you might project that, so be careful.

Regarding your connection, that is going to be really difficult when she probably has team mates she is performing with and maybe fans to meet. Tough one to try and cut through all the activity just to get five minutes.

Personally I wouldnt have gone because you run the risk of being a cheer squad. Ok, that said, you need to organize something super romantic, you need to steal her away for a couple of hours and win her over with a grand gesture. Perhaps a walk in a park or on the beach. Then as you walk and talk bring up the future and talk about how you wish you could spend more time together and where you see the relationship going.

Basically plan the future a bit.Set dates for the future, like the next trip to her city and try and spell out a future for you both, leave her with no illusions as to what your intentions are.

Hope that helps baby! K

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cocktail Nation Rewind-All Spy Show

This week Kooper is taking a vacation so he has pulled out a rerun for you , Enjoy the  all spy jazz show this week.
He went undercover to play the very best spy jazz from yesterday and today as he delves into the world of spy television talking to Wes Britton author of the book Spy Television and his website He talks to the guitarist on the original James Bond theme Vic Flick and the guardian of spy jazz today Tom Tremelo from Spy Fi.


Mel Torme – Secret Agent Man
Cyril Stapeleton –The Saint
Laurie Johnson-The Avengers
Vicki Carr-The Silencers
John Barrie 7-James Bond Theme
Hugo Montenegro- Get Smart
Henry Mancini-Walkin Bass
Spy Fi – Black Tie Spy
Al Cailoa-Man from Uncle
The four Esquires-James Bond theme
Cocktail Preachers-Spy Fi
Count Basie-From Russia with Love

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life In The Penthouse-The Gentle Man

Growing up I was like most young men I was often an angry and opinionated man. As I’ve aged I’ve started to mellow to become a more of a laid back kinda cat. But like I said for many years I would fly off the handle when things didn’t go my way and I guess working in a radio station doesn’t really help that much when that kind of behaviour is seen as perfectly acceptable.



I remember working at a talkback radio station where it was even more acceptable to behave like a jerk, infact if you didn’t then management really would not have thought that you care enough, they wanted passionate opinionated people and the more of a loudmouth pushy SOB you were then the better. I’ve managed to reduce producers to tears to bring them into line, I’ve screamed at sales reps to get out of my studio and I have threatened to sue the CEO and his management in a meeting. Oh, yeah, real jerk. But, to my defence the world of commercial radio is a really tough wilderness and after getting pushed around in my early days of radio I decided that I had to be the big dog in the building.

Do I regret this behaviour, well no, not really, it was necessary to survive and survive I did, but still, I would prefer to be liked than feared.

Those days are long gone and now as I work as a voiceover guy and producing the Cocktail Nation I live a more relaxed lifestyle and that is certainly better for my health and happiness.

Every now and then as I wander through the halls of radio stations to voice a commercial I hear screaming from an office, doors being slammed and raised voices behind boardroom walls and it makes me glad I don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore.

Recently I saw it in action in the street as a guy crossing the road had a car turn onto him, and it gave him a bit of a fright. Now nobody got hurt, the traffic was slow, there really wasn’t a chance of anyone getting injured but this guy carried on about it just like he had lost a leg.

Fact is he hadn’t, it was all good, nothing was wrong and he was just fine. It got me thinking about how people can over react to situations.

I was very guilty of this , but now I always try and make the conscious decision to stop, think and choose my course of action.

I guess what I am saying is that nowadays I don’t have a default mode when things go wrong.If I was to think of myself as a computer I have several settings.

I’m still not a pushover, and never will be, but my days of being quick to anger are well over, unless of course I have to get back into commercial radio!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cocktail Nation 184-Paris To Die For

Well how about this concept…Jackie O as a CIA  spy…..sounds pretty far out,we’ll find out more shortly with an author who has constructed a whole story around this concept, we’ll check out a new movie set in the sixties that tackles race relations, another book from Chris Pinto has been released plus the best classic and neo lounge and exotica from across the globe

paris to die for


Pink Martini-And The Your Gone
Mr Ho’s Orchestra-Arab Dance
Hugo Montenegro-I Spy
Tikiyaki Orchestra Theme For Jetsetters
Sir Julian-Dansero
Chaino -Sumac
Melody Gardot- Your Heart is As Black as Night
Orchestra Superstring-Lola On A Bicycle
Martini Kings-Fly Me To The Moon
Frank Sinatra -The Girl From Ipanema
Tamba Trio-Mas Que Nada
Beverly Kenny-Tea For Two
Janet Seidel-Canadian Sunset

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cocktail Nation 183-This Is Vintage Now

this week we talk to David Gasten the producer of a new album called this is Vintage now, in review with Koop a new website to pick up some cool stuff for your swank pad, we’ll take a look at the new tv series about those gorgeous flight hostesses from the 60’s.



Tikiyaki Orchestra-Mysteria
B Sharp Band -Destination Moon
Necrotonez-Fare Thee Well and Go to Hell
Chris Connor-Skyscraper Blues
Don Tiki-Odd Man Out
Midnight Combo-Soft Waving
Melody Gardot- Les Etoiles
Jimmy Vargas-Black Widow
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-La Fille Dans Le Train
Billy  May -Pawn Ticket
Buddy Cole-What Is There To Say
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica- Phoenix, Goodbye
Mel Tormé - Sunday In New York