Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cocktail Nation 182-Aloha Baby

this week we talk to Jim Bacci from the Tikiyaki Orchestra who have a brand new album out, in swank advice we tackle the issue of who should pay for dinner on a date, I have a cool website on towns that have stood still and are like a time vortex.



Naughty One’s -Azure Te
Martini Kings-Last Aloha
Tikiyaki Orchestra-Aloha Baby
Peggy Lee-Bewitched
Metrolites-Today we Kill Tomorrow we Spy
Jack Jones-The Mood I’m In
Max Vesterhalt-Summertime
Melody Gardot-Baby I’m a Fool
Janet Seidel-Whatever Lola Wants
Voodoo Island-Hypnotique
Vicki Carr-When In Rome
HB Radke-Louis Prima Tribute
Frank Bennett-You’re just too Hip Baby
Mantovani-Latin Perfidia