Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cocktail Nation 180-Major Healy

this week we continue out I Dream Of Jeanie theme with an interview I recorded with Bill Daily who played Major Healy when he was here in Sydney for the Supanova Convention,  in review with Koop we take a look at a new compilation release.
In swank advice I have some winning ideas on meeting people

major healy
Tikyaki Orchestra-ShakaHula Bossa Nova
Billy May- The Late Late Show
Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack-I Dream Of Jeannie.
Jackie Gleason-It was So Beautiful
Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Under the Midnight Sun
Jack Jones I Will Wait For You
Lea Delaria-Call Me
Necro Tonz-Fare Thee Well and Go to Hell
Henry Mancini-Something For Cat
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Colardo Waltz
Al Caiola-720 in The Books
Nestor Amaral and His Continenals- Brazil.
Pink Martini -And Then Your Gone
Titio-Puente-Vibe Cha-Cha