Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cocktail Nation 177-Playboy Club

this week we check out a new tv show coming your way all about the first Playboy club in chicago in the early sixties, our segment ask koop we talk about retro accessories to make you pad retro yet functional.....I have lots of events across the world for you to check out. I'll let you know about a new business that will be partnering the Cocktail Nation, some cool parties to attend and revue with koop as we head back to 1959 with a cd I picked up that covers a rock n roll dj who recoreded some cool beatnik type poetry also tonight I have quite a few original vinyl recordings to share with you and ofcourse the cover art will be posted on the website.


Naughty Ones-I Dig Your Voodoo

Martini Kings-You Only Live Twice

Octobop-Playboys Theme

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Phoenix Goodbye

Harmonicats-Mambo Jambo

Jennifer Keith-An Occasional Man

Jack Jones-Michelle

Orchestra Superstring-Evidence

Mad Daddy-What is a Fisteris

Frank Sinatra-Call Me

Jackie Gleason-I Only Have Eyes For YOu

Narco Lounge Combo-Aztec West

Living Brass Sunshine Superman

Manuel And the Music Of The Mountains - la Vien Rose