Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is Lounge?

Lounge is a love of all life and music and the finer things in life, the things that money can buy.

Lounge is a love of fantastic tailored suits, slick hair, fine jewellery and immaculate grooming.

Lounge is a love of fine classic motor cars and exude style, class and sophistication.

Lounge is a love of fun times, going where the moment takes you, going where the fun is, wherever that might be in this great world.

Lounge is a love of relaxing, not working too hard on your career,career comes second, great experiences come first.

Lounge is love of fine drinks, fine tobacco, fine food and fine establishments.

Lounge is a love of interesting people, great conversation and intriguing and exotic women.

Lounge is purely love of life in the most sophisticated way possible.