Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jazz City Diner Worst Ever Experience

To all the Cocktail Nation listeners thinking about checking out the Jazz City Diner in Darlinghurst that I had recommended, I wouldn't bother.

Big disappointment. After being recommended by a buddy of mine I went to the Jazz City Diner Saturday night after talking on the phone to the owner Dan about doing an interview for the show. We turn up and there are two seats left. We take a seat at the counter or all places and we are told that it was reserved. Can you believe that you would have book for a burger joint.

This offcourse is after I had spoken to the owner about recording an interview for the show and he couldn't even give us ten minutes. What an ungrateful host. Since when do you book for a burger joint anyway.

Overall the joint is pokey with a Johnny Rockets feel and the space is not used properly.

Big thumbs down from Kooper for the Jazz City Diner, go to Burger King if you want a burger, don't pay $20 for a place that is clearly overcharging and under delivering in price, service and style.