Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cocktail Nation 170-Strange Hippie Parties

On the show this week our monthly chat with sponsor Brad parker from tiki Shark, news from the Tonga Room, an app to put a cool pulp wall paper on your iphone, swank advice on story telling at parties and speaking of parties we have the best ones from across the world to put in your calendars.


SexBomba -Right Track Baby
Lucas Vigor-The Dark Continent
Martin Denny-Miserlou
Narco Lounge Combo-Boom Boom
Jimmy Vargas High Heels, Black Stockings
Jackie Gleason-Goin Out Of My Head
Clouseaux- Walking from Juarez
Richard Cheese-Spider man
Tiki Joes Ocean-Hawaii Blue
Mancini-Mr Lucky
Purple Pit-She said See Said
Art Mooney-Chi Chi Castenanto
Frank Sinatra-Have you met miss jones
Augie-Colon- Tierra Va Tembla