Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cocktail nation 168-The Cocktail Handbook

On the show this week we check out a new book on Cocktails called the Cocktail Hand book …cool drinks from Hawai’is hottest bartenders swank advice on haircuts, review with koop on new album on vinyl for Waitiki 7 or segment on the world of swank with the best events to attend.

Tikiyaki Orchesta-Bachelor Number 2.

Combustible Edison Satan Says

Tiki Joes Ocean-Stoic Moai


Narco Lounge Combo-The Island Awakens

Jackie Gleason-Our Love Dom


Vibes On Velvet-Caravan

Waitiki—Rendezvous in Okonkuluku

Jack Jones-You Better Love Me

Jimmy Vargas-Dahlias Web

Three Suns-Fever

Annie Ross-You’re Nearer

HB Radke-Straighten Up and Fly Right