Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cocktail Nation 167-Elizabeth Taylor

On the show this week we take a look at her life, career and marriages….I’ve got some swank advice with a discussion about airplanes.
Some cool events for the jetsetters to attend plus a cool blog to check  out along with our new segment review with koop and an app you need for your iphone or ipad


Jimmy Vargas -A Blue Negligee
Janet Seidel-Mr Lucky
SG Sound-Red Desert Spring
John Barry -London Theme
Lucas Vigor-Straight No Chaser
Jackie Gleason-How Did She Look
Octobop-Girl Talk
Tony Bennett-Manhatten
HB Radke-I Get A Kick Out OF You
Jonah Jones-Tangerine
HajI Baba -Crazy Bongos
Enoch Light-What The World Needs Now is Love
Mr Hos Orchestorica-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Frank Bennett-Pretend That We’re Dead