Sunday, March 13, 2011

Swank Advice-Furnishing a Bachelor Pad

When setting up a bachelor pad that is designed to look as close to fifties and sixties it really is about four things…ambiance, minimalism, functionality and individuality.
Lets start with ambiance, whenever I have moved into a new apartment I have always sought to find a place that not only safe when it comes to security but also provides a place that is a safe haven from the problems of the modern world, a place where you lock the door, turn on the lights and you are back in 1959. You can achieve this ambiance by finding a place that is relatively quiet and one where you can lower the curtains and the lights and forget about the world around you.
If you get the furniture right by styling in a minimalist fashion with a mixture of original pieces and retro pieces your pad will soon feel like home. The trick is to plan exactly where things will go in your new pad, working out what pieces you already have with what you will need to buy. Keep things spread out and uncluttered leaving room to show of several pieces and always remember to keep a consistency to your colour schemes which is why it is best to take your time if you are designing your first retro pad. Be prepared also to part with or store items that you might have collected along the way if they don’t fit nicely in the apartment.


All pieces in your pad must function, remember that you are designing a fully functional pad, not a museum piece. Original couches are nice but if you get a spring in your rear end each time you sit down then it might be time to get a new retro couch or get the one you have reupholstered

Finally when it comes to individuality always try and design the type of place you will be comfortable in, not one for the vintage nazis, this is your design and you can do what you want with it, keep to the general concept and improvise