Sunday, March 20, 2011

Swank Advice-Being a Handsome Man

I was visiting a suburban area recently and wondered why male I saw was overweight and with a shaved head and was really quite strange, I felt like I was a Hollywood type character who had wondered into an alternative universe.
These were all married men in their mid to late thirties who had packed on the pounds and given up dressing well.
Now I wont bother going into the reasons this happens but it did get me thinking about how simple it is to be a Handsome Man.
When I was in my twenties I knew a guy in his mid forties who was single and truly swingin...he wasn't the best looking guy in the world but it struck me that he was very successful with women and always seemed to have a new girlfriend whenever I saw I asked him what his secret was....well it was pretty simple really. He told me that he worked hard at looking after himself, he always tried to dress well, but he said that his secret was that he was thin and had a full head of hair.
At the time I didn’t quite see the significance of his statement. It's only now that I am in my late thirties that I can now see why he was looking good on the forty something divorce and widowed dating circuit.


Armed with this knowledge I have come to a few conclusions which I hope will keep you in the good looking guy category, and it's reasonably simple.
Firstly get back to your playing weight, find out what you should be and work towards that by diet and exercise. My suggestion is a food diary, choose a diet and stick to it religiously and monitor what you consume. Work out three time a week as a minimum.
Good looks generally are natural, but they can be gained and even for those who are naturally beautiful you will find they actually work hard at it.

Secondly, get a good haircut, even if you are balding talk to your hairdresser and work out the best way to keep yourself looking smart, sometimes it can be as simple as regular haircuts. As for hairloss there are many options these days so I would encourage you to check out this option as the custom hairpiece industry is truly amazing and I think you will be surprised as to what they can do for you.

Finally, don't be a slob with your clothes, for men always get your suits custom made and never skimp on quality.
A well dressed man who is tidy, well groomed and trim will always be a handsome man