Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life In the Penthouse-Silence Is Golden

IMG_2083 It seems to me that the one thing we are not good at in the twenty first century is silence….most people will happily volunteer the most minute details of their life to anyone who is happy to be bored by it.

I caught up with a friend recently who over coffee shared way too much about her boyfriends …ummm….athletic prowess…..using this fact that people these days through social media and in general conversation are way to open I suggest that with some well directed changing of topic, awkward silences and well crafted avoidance of anything personal you can create something that few people have anymore….a private life…just think of the allure and mystery of Don Draper, he is that cool because he doesn’t rabitt on about how good he is every two seconds and what his kid is doing or how Betty annoys him about working late at the office…see the allure of the private man…test drive it today and people will find you…well fascinating.